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What next.. TVR/Maserati?

29 Jun 2004
I've had my 911 C2 Cabrio for 2 years now and, as is typical to us women, feel the need for something new. I would love to hear your experiences with TVRs (particularly Tuscan or T350) or Maseratis. I'm looking to pay up to £25k for my new car and really cannot find anything else that presses my buttons.. but suggestions on a postcard well received! Thank you

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Hi Charlotte, 3 posts since June 2004! You'll catch Daz up at that rate quite soon :lol:
. Seriously though, wouldn't it be better to ask this question elsewhere, like the TVR section on Pistonheads? Most of us are enthusiastic about Porsches and disparaging about other makes.

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I can pass on a few comments. I have had 4 TVRs (Cerbera 4.5, Chimeara 4.5 & 4.0, and a Tamora - same engine and chassis as a T350) and a Maserati Spyder.

I am a big fan of true British sportscars (ignoring current Russian ownership) and I still firmly believe nothing sounds as good as a TVR V8. I used to use the Cerbera as my daily commute (albeit a good few years ago when I only had a 15 minute drive to work). The only regular problem I had was over-heating in traffic in all 3 V8s - didn't seem to be a problem with the Tamora's straight six. But then you don't buy a TVR to sit in traffic. The quality of finish is not great (bits of leather do come unstuck for example) and the ride can be a little firm and unrefined, but they look fantastic, sound fantastic and the interiors are always special and different enough to be enjoyed. The Cerbera still remains my favourite "drivering" car - it was brutally quick. Running costs were never too bad either, petrol or servicing. Was not a big fan of the straight six engine - never sounded like a TVR I thought and was not as effortless - no surprise - as the V8s. Also the Tamora was too low and couldn't do speed-humps at more than 6 mph. If you only need your car at weekends and for the occasional trip to the supermarket, a TVR is a good option. Buy used and depreciation should be pretty good. I would steer clear of a T350 and, if you have to have a straight six not a V8, get a Tuscan and they have a good following now so will be a better bet in the long run.

On to the Maserati...financially speaking the worst car I have ever bought...thought I was getting a good deal buying a nearly new one with only 5k miles on it for a wopping £20k below the then list price...alas 7 months later sold for a nice £12k loss...oops. Running costs are higher than a TVR too with fuel consumption and servicing costs being high. Depreciation now though shouldn't be an issue - they have collapsed so badly, they represent good value for money: £25k ish for a Ferrari-drived V8 isn't bad and you have the added advantage of not looking like a £($&(!* as you would in a prancing pony. Cruising they are fantastic - definitely a tourer rather than a sportscar like a TVR...cambiocorsa F1 gearbox was pretty rubbish at slow speed, especially when reversing so I always looked an idiot when trying to park (honest I don't look bad normally).

So depends what you want from a car...the rumble and Britishness of a TVR sports car or the stylish cruising of an Italian GT...mind I always think Porsche slots nicely in between the two - being capable of doing everything well

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Hi Tony, thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying about going to other websites but being a Porsche lover myself I was interested in other Porsche-fanatics opinions.

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Well I think Maserati's are gorgeous things....was nearly tempted once....however running costs are horrific. I know a guy with one, when it goes its great, but it does tend to spend rather a lot of time in the garages! His running costs have been astronomical & nothing seems to be covered.

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