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What is wrong with white?

Hmmm, that ducktail looks distinctly photoshopped on ! Nice idea though, looks cool, I prefer it to the bridge spoiler.

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Yep I found it on another forum some guy just made it up when he was bored but I like the retro look his come up with.

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How about the one on the far right !!

Bo....cks the JPG is too big.... OK how do you reduce the size of a picture?

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and the answer to the original question = because there were no sporting 993's that were showcased in White for such a colour to have a following...

i.e. the RS was black & other colours

unlike current GT3RS which give a white 996 something to look like...

does that answer the question...

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The answer is "nothing" or "42"

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I did suggest in my original post that you could add a GT2 bodykit or some kind of decals on the side. Have to admit though that white doesn't really suit the 993. The 930's look cool and so does the GT3 RS... car's sold now anyways!

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Hmmm - im not sure about that cab, but it may also be the wheels - there is a white 993 turbo for sale near to me , at a much lower price than other cars in "modern" colours. I showed a picture of it to my wife and the first thing she said was"pimp mobile". That was the end of that discussion.

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Strange isn't it, those wheels really appeal to me and I don't like the "turbo" style that seem the wheel of choice.

As for a white 993 turbo, whilst the exterior may not appeal, at least it is car that can deliver.

Having said that perhaps it is better to agree on colour and get into a turbo than not agree to buying a Porsche? (I haven't heard a peep from my better half since I sold one toy that she wasn't endeared with and replaced it with the Porsche). Perhaps this is a the subject for another thread?

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I agree with you mate - never liked the Turbo style wheels - they just don't do it for me! My mate has a turbo and he put GT3 style wheels on his, I have the Carrera 18" for my 2003 C2

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I really liked the look of the White RSR parked next to my RS at the PCGB event at Brands Hatch back in August.

I especailly like the Red graphics, I thought about going for the same but in yellow to follow the graphics in the rear and seat belts but decided against it.

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I give up anyone know why I cannot attach the picture I'm pressing the tree and entering the web address but nothing happens fromn there????????

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Andy-what website is the pic on? Can you link me?

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