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What is it worth?

David Winch

Well-known member
19 Jan 2004
Having moved abroad I decided to sell my car through a garage on a sale or return basis. However, the garage has been quiet and now feel I need to go private with it.

I'd appreciate your valuations...

1998 C2 996, silver with black sports seats int, 3 spoke wheel, sports exhausts, 17in cups, 6 cd changer, GT3 front&sides, clear lenses, climate control, traction control. Serviced by Paragon c.100 miles ago and has ful Documented service history from OPC or leading independents. Tyres are in v good condition, as is the car.

Need to sell so correct pricing is essential, but am not desperate yet.

What do you all think?


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how much is it advertised for at present?

rear spoiler?

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Ah, of course. 50k.

No rear GT3 spoiler - I know that there has been a conversation in the past here about stability without a GT3 spoiler, but on a private road (of course) we've had this car in excess of 150mph without a problem.

Price is currently at 28995.


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Just a thought, but may be worth investing in a warranty from an OPC as this will make it more saleable, esp with the perception, right or wrong, of engine probs...

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Maybe, thats £1500, right? Would an independent warranty surfice?

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I saw a nice arena red 996 (less popular to some eyes) at a dealer sit for a while at that price.

You may need to ask a bit less for a quick sale, but it seems good value to me...

An independent warranty would be fine, so long as it covers the engine issues. I've noticed more press in the 'public' domain about it, so it might be something that is troubling people. But I guess the wty would reduce your proceeds by a fair chunk...

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I have every confidence in the car, but would prefer the buyer to take out the warranty and to negotiate al ittle on the back of that - at least that way I have a buyer before I part with near on a grand.

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Makes sense to me, also the buyer would get a fresh warranty if they wanted it.

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if it had 18'' GT3 alloys and a rear spoiler it would help a lot

Theres a lot of silver cars out there,

18's are on peoples shopping lists and the rear spoiler would certainly tick the boxes so to speak

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Personally I'd like to have had 18's, but i'm not putting any on now! ;-) I don't like the GT3 spoiler at all. sorry for anyone that has it, but I'm not a fan. Particularly when the full kit is on a standard 911, I think it should be left for the genuine article.

It sounds like I'm in the right price area tho, with a view to inevitable negotiation, I should get a reasonable price and someone will get a v good car for the money.

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FWIW - I just parted with my '99 996 C4 tip for approx. £29.250.

I have been looking for a replacement eventually and found that there are newer cars out there for less then I got for mine.

It is a funny market at the moment but I do recall a post from someone saying that 996 would plateau and then rise again.........

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I can't see them rising, but I don't see them dropping much further either, unless its got green leather and 90k miles.

I'm guessing also that pre-christmas may not be the best time nto try and sell, unless someone's been a v good boy or girl and a fat man with a white beard makes me an offer!

I think that 27-29k for a good 911 is a bargain, considering what else you could get for that money. I drove a £100k SL55 AMG the other day, and altho v nice, I'd choose my sub-30k porsche over it every time.


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