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what does this Nokia thing do??


22 Aug 2006
Under the drivers seat of my car there is a box marked:

Nokia 993.645.301.00

according to the parts list at:


(page 454) it is a simply called a 'booster'

This must be part of the audio system, but i am a little surprised as i thought all the gubbins for that was inside the headunit.

Any ideas?

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It's the DSP option for your stereo! Nokia supplied the original speakers too...

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(thanks Stevo - must remember to turn it down...)

ocean, that is a good thought. Hmmm.

I just dug out the hard-back 911 Turbo brochure:- Digital Sound Processing was an option. Don't think was ticked on my car. Plus it would have some extra knobs and switches (? i think ?) - which i don't see anywhere :?
. Hang on, the brochure also says: ...all activated via a 150-Watt amplifier... So perhaps this is it?

There's lots of boxes hidden under the seats with wires leading to them - i'm actually trying to find the one which is the alarm, but got distracted!

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It may have been retrofitted by a PO as these come up for sale on eBay occasionally.

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Tim, as ever Ade is correct. It is the DSP box which is really just a dynamic equaliser and amp. "Booster" would not be a bad description. Remember the old "Loudness" buttons on stereos? Well the DSP is/was the modern equivalent.

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Thanks ocean - so you reckon this is a DSP box rather than just an amp then?


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thanks Ade and Sean! I thought DSP came with some extra buttons and switches. I did also notice there is a din-type multi-pin connector under the carpet flap at the front of the seat which looks unused. Could this be the connection for the switch module, if fitted?

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just checked eBay - i think this is just an amplifier - the DSP seems to be part number

993 645 302 00


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