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What does "Recorded" mean??


23 May 2003
I've seen an advert for a 993 C4S with just over 50K on the clock but the advert says the car is "Recoreded" hance a low proce of £26.5k. Is this car to be avoided as it's an Insurance write off rebuilt or could it be a stolen and recovered which wouldn't bother me and a cheap way to 993 ownership. I appreciate that selling it on might be a problem but any other caveats that anyone can think of?????

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Could be any of those things. If you do an HPI check it will tell you why it's recorded. If it is damaged and repaired I wouldn't necessarily discount it provided that the repairs have been carried out to a high standard - in this case worth spending a bit more money having the repairs independently assessed. The flipside is that while the car may be perfectly ok you will inevitably find it more difficult to sell on than one with no 'story'.

Frankly I think it's potentially a good way to get a lot more bang for your buck - I'm currently considering a 964RS which is a damage repair job.


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I've spoken to the seller and he says it's a Category D repair. Apparently front wing damage and now repaired - having a look on Saturday.

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I'm gonna stick my oar in because I'm on form tonight.-)

When I was looking for my second 993, I went to see one that the guy was selling cheap, as per yours, which was a nice 993 C2S. Looked great in fact and I have to say, having owned a 993 before in Aus, it was a very nice car and I had no issue with it. Thought about it long and hard, and thought I'd research what was a Cat D repair (I think it was Cat D but regardless, you'll see my jist).

Apparently, the car had received some back and rear wing damage but because of the engine being where it is etc etc, the Insurance company wrote the car off (too expensive to repair). The car is thus recorded with the HPI chaps as being a write off. Then, the owner can purchase it from the Insurance company, and get it repaired himself. It then gets checked by HPI or a suitable body, and if it meets the safety requirements, can be passed to be roadworthy. Do note that from what I remember, this means the car has not met Porsche or anyone elses standards, just those required to meet standard safety standards. When this happens, it gets removed from the register of written off vehicles BUT the key thing is, it still remains recorded. In other words, any HPI check in the future will turn up this fact.

I was obviously torn. A great car, drove nicely, but had this issue. I then put the car into a place in Fulham (I think, a Porsche specialist in an Alladdin's cave of a place) to check it out, with the owners consent. Then went to meet him. Best £200 I could have spent.

He told me a few things. Basically, the car had been totally, with the exception of the bonnet, resprayed and not very well. The quality was excellent but none of the glass etc had been removed. He found patches of filler along the sills and underneath showed me what, to his professional eye but I would never have seen, were the creases of the damaged chassis. He agreed it drove great, but he said this has car seen more than just a rear end shunt. He then found loads of other small things ie the replacement battery ampage was too low, the wheels were not C2S wheels but imitation wheels (when you kow it would have come with the orginal ones) - all of which pointed to a very well done but ultimately dubious botch job. He said two things:

1- walk away, beacsue you may pay more but you'll get a better car in the long run if you look

2 - You should not think about buying the car but selling it. Trading it in and any dealer will walk away when an HPI turns up its history. Any private seller must therefore be like you - willing to compromise.

I walked away and am glad I did. I'm sure it was a great car and that others in this situation would also be, BUT you must be aware of the situation.

It was two years ago so my memory is a bit rusty, but I think this is it in a nutshell. All I would say is get a good specialist to check the car and see what they say.


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Listen to andy,

As a dealer i hear so many stories of cars written off but they only needed a wing and bonnet and a head lamp, even at porsche main dealer prices a car is wriiten off because it is un economic to repair, how much is a wing and bumper for a 911

say a wing £1000bonnett £1500Bumper £1500

fitting and respraying £1500

total £5500

or they write off a £35,000 car ???

No respectable dealer will by a write off

okay you might buy it cheap but if you want to sell how long will it take?

i wish they'd crush them all and put all the scum selling them in prison,

10 years ago a policeman part exchanged a BMW Coupe with a good friend of mine, it had been resprayed badly, but the car was low mileage and had come from central london where cars get scratched so much its not unusual, when i looked at the car i could tell it had had a rear wing, when i got it home and put it on a ramp on closer investigation the front was red, the back was white the car was green,

the first owner was BT who are self insuring,( did you know you don't need Insurance if you lodge a £1,000,000 with a solicitor and pay the bills your self) the hire car companies and some large car fleets do this, the car was written off and they don't record it at HPI, the 2nd owner had 4 services done by a main dealer in essex and when i phoned the dealer to check the invoices for comments, reports etc, there were no comments!!

imagine how scary it was driving that one to the transport firm to deliver it back to him, and the friend of mine has been in the trade selling ferraris & benleys for over 40 years and is a honest and respectable as you will find

Dealers in salvage are just above Pimps and drug dealers and paedophiles in my book

Mark Pearce

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Bloody hell - Ok now I'm very wary. I have an OPC checking the car over with an 87-point inspection - will this turn up any of the foresaid nasties or will I need a expert beyond the guys at an OPC??? If so then anyone know anyone who can do a PPI on the South Coast?? Hmm a saving of almost £8k on a unrecorded C4S maybe sounds better than it really is.....

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