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What did you spend?

Trap 125

Well-known member
13 Oct 2009
I somewhat foolishly started adding up what I spent on the car over the past year or so and once I got over the 5K mark I had to stop! :eek: Although I've put my mind at rest by telling my self that some cars would depreciate more than this over a year and the fact that I now have an excellent handling, sounding and looking sports car! :D

Its taken me over a year to get it to this stage and I'm sure there will be continuing expense but I wouldn't change it for the world (well maybe a 964RS!).

Every time I see the car and drive it, it puts a big smile on my face :D. The Highlands tour, a track day and a few Porsche club and Lotus fast runs have really shown me how capable these cars are. My 993 now handles better than I thought it would - wet or dry. What a brilliant car!

Happy Christmas! :)

I spent £40k :D
haythem said:
I spent £40k :D

Whaaaaaaat???? :eek: I hope that included the purchase of the car?
In the past year about 8k mainly on maintenance. I can't believe I have just said that out loud!
I previously posted my year 1 spend. It was over 10k. Wife not chuffed, and is now making me buy a flat. I told her I'd rather get a 993 turbo and a gen 1 996gt3, but she will not budge.

Once the flat is bought, I plan a full suspension refresh. And maybe a respray.
I am in "lock down" mode for the next 24hours.....I have no intention of leaving the abode......just me and my sniffles so perhaps I will depress myself further and see how much I have spent in the last five years.......or there again....perhaps not.
haythem said:
I spent £40k :D

Kin ell!! :eek: You wouldnt care to expand would you?
Just over 3K.

1.5k For some cosmetic body work, new stone guards etc
1k for major plus some bits and bobs at OPC
500 quid for some cup 2 wheels (mine had the standard crappy 16 inchers as standard).
some new headlight lenses and xenons.
I've reluctantly spent £4.5k a year for the last three years, which is way too much on a car. I've hit the Point Of No Return though.

Talking of which, where's Sram.
£1k on a new spare set of wheels and tyres, not yet used
£270ish on road tax
£650ish for Insurance
£900 on fuel

It was serviced at the end of last year and will be serviced early in the new year so that keeps the nunbers down.

Very little this year. Service at OPC, replacement oil return tubes and a few parts earlier in the year that I fitted myself. Will probably be the same next year apart from some new tyres.
New clutch €1000
2 rear Pirelli P-Zero's €574
New DME relay €25
New reconditioned alternator, can't remember..
Minor Service €300
Car tax €1800

Maybe I should stop there as I'm beginning to get depressed :sad:

Very little here too, well compared to year one with the last 993 its been a bargain! Mind you I have barely touched the beautiful thing since buying in Feb. I've only managed about 500 miles in it :frustrated:

2013 she's going to get some pampering and unnecessary maintenance :thumb:
£13k over three years then some Wan%ker stole it....£20k if you include the garage I had built for it.

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