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What colours to avoid


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28 Jan 2008
Now I am expecting to get a barrage of replies saying buy on condition etc...


What colours / combo's should be avoided, for resale purposes. I know it seems a strange question to ask considering I haven't even bought a car yet, but I am currently trying to sell a car to fund my porsche purchase, a BMW 335i se if anyones interested ;), and I have had a few people say I would have sold it already if it didn't have a grey leather interior.

Personally I like grey leather in the right combination of exterior colour, but I feel like I have been burnt by the BMW and should learn from my experiences.
Green is the only one that comes to mind. Forest Green does look ok but the lighter colours are :yuk:

Red and Yellow have less of a market but their rarity seems to keep the supply v demand balance ok so values aren't affected too badly.

It's not actually the exterior colour that makes a big difference to resale values but the exterior/interior combination.

Savannah, Cinnamon and especially Nephrite are the recognised 'avoids' but Savannah actually doesn't look too bad with a black exterior.
I dont think thats a daft question at all! Having just taken the plunge and bought a 996, i was looking at a load of cars and i noticed quite a discrepancy in prices for the exact same models with similar ages and mileage....the only difference was the colour or interior colour, in one or two cases bodykits reduced value as well.

For example, there was a 2003 996 on the market for over two months, 51k mileage and fsh. £12500 which was 3k cheaper than anything else similar...It was however Nile Green...yeauck!

Then there was a silver car, very similar to the one above but £11500...but it had a bright red interior which was nassssty.

So colour combinations definately affect price, if not saleability.

Blue with cream or metropole interior seems popular!

I actually wish now that i had bought the nile green car with the cream interior for £12500 and got it vinly wrapped in white!!! would have saved myself 3k!!
T8 has listed red and speed yellow as two colours possibly that may not attract as many buyers - borne out by the 911 Buying Guide purcahsed via Peter Morgan. A wise sage once told me that the trade 'secret' about colour choices was simple:
Dark exterior/light interior - popular e.g. Dark blue/tan or grey interior
Light Exterior/Dark interior - popular e.g. Silver/black interior

On this analogy, no-goes might be silver/light blue interior or black with black interior. But these are all personal choices so there is no such thing as "don't buy one in this colour"

Last year I was told about the fatal combination (the graveyard colours of indys) was doom blue (lapis blue) and suicide savanna interior. But guess what, my car is Lapis Blue with Savanna interior and look amazing (and fits the dark exterior/light interior thinking). The carpets are savanna beige with blue mats that breraks up the interior and it looks spacious and light and airy inside. Everyone that sees it comments on the interior. Ferrari's are classically Yellow with black interior or red with tan interior.

The next thing you will become paranoid over is - dark exterior colours always show swirl marks.

So it is down to personal taste. It may help you if you establish the colours that you DON'T want in a month of sundays. For me it was Guards red and Yellow and the interior colour I didn't want was red leather. Any car with any of these colours I never even looked at - but that's me - picky and choosy. NO matter how good a condition, those are two colours I cannot live with and the red leather is an instant turn-off for me (saw an Aston Martin in Silver with red leather - horrible).
my 997 is Silver with Red leather and IMHO it looks superb, most folk comment on how nice the interior is, one thing that might put people off was how it was photographed I the ad cos it made it look pink!
In short quality and if you like it seems best way IMO.
stucart raises a good point. The white balance on digital cameras can make some colours appear very different from in the flesh. Lapis Blue always seems to look a dull navy blue whereas it is a shiny blue and shines with the sunshine on it to be more like a meallic blue several shades lighter than it appears on photos.

Red leather interior often appears very dark red or pink in digital images.
But it is well documented that after years of sunshine on it, the red leather can fade to look more pink/orangey.

Seems best advice is to see the car in the flesh and see how it appeals - but remember that when you come to sell, people will first judge it by the digital photos in the ads which can make it appear very different.
I spent a good 6 months searching for my car.

Things I noticed:
- Black/Gunmetal/Yellow all sell for higher prices
- Black interior is far more sought after and seems to affect price almost as much as exterior
- Manual over Tip also affects price

Unfortunately I was looking for a black/gunmetal car with black interior and a manual gearbox...took a while to find one in the right price bracket/condition. There was a sea of blue and light silver cars, most with grey interior which were noticeably cheaper
Glad to say I have the black interior, basalt black paint, manual box combo.
A previous car had red leather interior which when I purchased I thought wow, but believe me, as you grow older and wiser then no, it just shouted out pimp interior!
Fashions change.....

I really wanted a red or blue 996 - its now socially acceptable again to have a red sports car!

Ten years ago people only bought silver cars.... Most of the 996s around are silver. Now people see silver cars as boring...I avoided them.

In 2000 if you bought a new 996 in white people would have through you were crazy. White has become fashionable again and I bet people would bite your arm off for it!

I looked a deep red met 996 with savannah interior and would have bought it if the condition of the rest of the car was good. I ended up with Vesuvius / grey leather which is rare (perhaps for a reason - uncool at the time or extra £?).

The only thing I would avoid is met turquoise exterior, or Neptune green interior (I have seen a car with both). Unless the car was otherwise immaculate and it was cheap, then I could put up with it.

My advice: if you are going to buy and sell soon after go with the current fashion and crowd... If you are going to keep it buy a combo you can put with, who knows how fashion will change and it might be a little cheaper.

Think about how "uncool" 80's stuff like tartan golf GTI seats were in the early 00's..... now new GTIs come with tartan again!

I actually think its a shame porsche didn't continue pascha trim into the 996, but thats another story....

Maybe one day savannah will be seen as the most desirable interior!
And as I have a low mileage X50 with Savanna interior, roll on that day when I come to sell!

Seriously, wasz raises an interesting point - colour fashion changes. My 10 year old Merc E Class is silver with black interior - silver was the overwhelming most popular colour at the time. But now there are many metallic blue mercs as well as white. Difficult to predict where things will go next.
I've got a Lapis blue with oxblood (is it really called that or was someone winding me up?) red leather.

I like it but I imagine it would put some people off.

Always gets a comment from passengers who haven't been in it before, the best being:

"It's like being inside a giant boiled sweet."
Mine is lapis blue with savanna interior and people describe it as "luxurious and spacious with a light airy feel to the cabin."

I should have been an Estate Agent - but it is defintiely not described as neo-Georgian or bijou or "has planning permission to exploit its potential"
Basaltblackmetallic and black inside....nice now, nice in 5 years and still nice in 20 years...
Ofcourse there are plenty of others nice colour combi :thumbs:

Have a great weekend


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