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Wet Left Foot (996 Air Con)

mark chrimes

New member
15 Jul 2006
Hi I have a '99 996 C2. I have just noticed over the last couple of days that whenever I turn the air con on I get cold water dripping onto my left foot . The higher I crank the air cpnditioning up, the greater the quantity of water that drips into the footwell.

Any ideas?

Thanks Mark

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Sound like the drain hose from the evaporator unit has become detached. The water is probably condensation if this is the case.

If you can put your head into the footwell and see you can easily re-attach it. You might have to take some trim off to get to it.

Good Luck

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I had exactly the same problem on mine, definitely condensation although the porsche service guys thought that it might even be coolant leak after I rang them?????

The tried and tested taste test indicated that it was water - I haven't died of poisoning!

Could also be the seal around the heater box. I checked the hose and tightened up the seal. A new seal is a big job as the dash has to come out (so I have been told) so I have simply put a small towel (cut up a hand towel) under the box (you will find a gap in the trim which runs to both the drivers and passenger sides) which I check for any water (to indicate how good my "fix" was).

It's winter over here at the moment so the air conditioner is not getting used however I did run it for a while and there is some intermittant (on rare occasions) leakage however not as bad as what it was - I was getting it on both the drivers side and passenger side pretty badly.

I have left the towel in there just in case. You can hide it pretty well so it doesn't look unsightly. Bit of a rough fix however I don't particularly feel like having the dash pulled out for an intermittant problem and the towel is doing a good job of saving my carpet.

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I had the same in my new 996 (2003 at the time) couldn't do anything about it!

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I get the odd drip in mine, but only when the air con is cranked up, I figured it was just condensation.

Think of it as foot conditioning!

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The heater box on the n/s can crack on the early cars, but is usually the drain locatated on the right hand side of the box that gets twisted and blocks hope this helps, if this doesnt contact me at
[email protected]
and i can give you other ideas cheers simon

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