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Well - I supposed it had to happen :-(


4 Nov 2012
Just been to town with the kids to buy some Xmas pressies in the old girl as not used it for a couple of weeks and some retard has reversed into it in the car park :evil: I think it can be smart repaired as only small. Wouldn't mind but I parked our right out if the way on its own - my little girl even asked why we were parking there...lol!

This just a few days after some daft old bat reversed down the side if my old mans new Mercedes e class cabrio in the car park, excusing herself by saying that she'd had a lot on her mind this week ?!

Watch out - it's a minefield out there. !!
You have my sympathy Nat', it's why I rarely use my 911 for anything other than driving or parking where other nice cars meet.

My wifes Lexus has been clumped whilst parked four times in the last six months and I've lost count of how many dinks our old Nissan has had added to it this year :evil:

It really seems that more and more UK drivers are turning Parisian and parking by feel and/or more and more people are buying 4x4's for town use!

Whilst venting I have to add that the number of people that insist on reversing into supermarket car parking spaces and then squeezing their trollies between cars to their boot really p*$$es me off.

Don't even start me off about the white van that kissed the Lexus 15 feet up our driveway whilst turning around after making a delivery to the house opposite !!!
Thanks mate - came back to heathrow Wednesday and two spaces away someone had let a luggage trolley into the side of an Aston Martin rapide - I was gutted for the guy - nearly went over and wheeled it away but didn't want someone to see me and think if done it :-(
It's normally my missus' who is the culprit for causing the damage, I think her brain goes AWOL when she puts her car in reverse! :mad:

She always waits around or leaves a note in her defence though! :D
Yes mate - as my mate often reminds me - tit5 and tyres don't mix..lol!!
Bummer mate, as T8 says I just do not dare go into town in mine, funnily enough, only this morning as we were shopping I saw a lovely back 997 on Tesco car park with cars either side of her, I said to my GF "I don't know how they dare."
Thankfully, we are a 2 car family so it's the trusted KA that does all the donkey work at weekends!
Must admit I was a bit precious when I first got mine as there wasn't a mark on it and I know what people are like. But working abroad in the week I like to use it as much as I can the weekends - if I do stop anywhere I make it quick (I was only in tk max with the kids for 15 minutes!)
Arhh, yes, I guess that's the difference, thankfully, I get to drive mine every day - We should be able to put invisible, electrified shields around them when we park them!
I feel your pain.

I think, from experience, if you parked in a field someone would come and park so close that you would have to get out the passenger side !
I use to previously be so aware of where I park etc - but now I just park sensibly as I can, and do use the car whenever I can. I just love it too much.

I've just accepted that there will be dings etc, and every year or so, just get it sorted!
Daughter passed her test in the summer. Someone smashed into the back of her within a month of passing.

I took great pleasure in giving her a lecture on how I'd gone 24 years driving, no accidents etc etc even though it wasn't her fault I laid it on thick.

A week later someone smashes into me at a zebra crossing !...gutted !

In my opinion the quality of peoples driving is definitely on the decline.
RedJedi said:
I use to previously be so aware of where I park etc - but now I just park sensibly as I can, and do use the car whenever I can. I just love it too much.

I've just accepted that there will be dings etc, and every year or so, just get it sorted!

Couldn't put it better myself. :thumb:

Bad luck Nattyboy, happens to us all at some point.
Assume no note was left?!

Sorry, been there too.... Once came out of B&Q and some t**t had left a crease in the pillar of the BM I had at the time.... By probably trying manoeuvre a long bit of timber into his car whilst parked next to mine!!

Like you, only drive in weekends, so any excuse to do so. What works for me is offering to take the wife to the local shops and I wait outside :D

Good luck in sorting.
If I have to take the 997 somewhere, I usually take my 3 year old so I can park in the parents and child spaces to give extra room either side.

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