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weird box under my 993's driver's seat?

Matthew Clunk

3 Oct 2005
I was cleaning my 993 thoroughly for the the first time (and stripping out any un-needed wiring from former keepers - CD changers, phone kits etc), and I've stumbled upon a box under the driver's seat bolted to the floor.

It appears to have a long diconnected DIN lead attached to it (that was originally left hanging behind the dash), plus two loom-plugs/wiring plugged into it (one of which wiring has been crudely cut off).

I'm wondering if this is some sort of audio or communications setup? I have a photo of it I could post to anyone for confirmation of what you think it is?([u:WrPPxdJi8p])

I've not removed the seat yet to see the part no. on the box, but I guess that is my next approach; I just thought someone on the forum may be able to shed some light on what the box might be for.



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possibly if its a porsche phone system or something that could be used again in the future or ebayed to someone that can. I've not wanted to disconnect it yet as a a loom of cables still runs into it (dispite a 2nd loom and the DIN cable being hacked/severed off at the plug). I'll get AJRose to cast a glance at it when I take the car in for a service next Wed.

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Would this be the orginal power amplifier for the original head unit?

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could be and it might still be in service as there are some wires going to it and it does sound quite powerful the audio in the car.

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Are you sure it's not the ECU?

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I think the ECU is under the other seat. In anycase I hope its not the ECU as half of the wires are severed off one of the two plugs on the one in question under the drivers' seat, and there is what looks like a DIN audio lead going to it.

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It will be the nokia audio amp, the din cable is the pre outs from the head unit, and the other long connector will be for the speakers.



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