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weight reduction project (long)

15 Jun 2003
Without turning my C4 into an RS, I think I can still reduce the weight significantly without losing comfort. Here's what I have done so far since buying the car last year:

- removed DVD player, CD changer, second amplifier, mounting hardware and unnecesarry tools. Saving: 13.5 kg- replacing standard leather seats with lightweight seats (Recaro SPG). Saving: 32 kg- removed spare wheel. Saving: 12.7 kg- removed non-standard battery switch. Saving: 0.6 kg- removed engine tray. Saving: 3.2 kgTotal so far: 62kg

I have Mille Miglia mufflers arriving in a few days. Expected saving: 8 kgI am about to replace my dead battery with a 10kg dry cell. Expected saving: 12 kgAlso adding a Unichip in a few days (weighs almost nothing) which should increase engine output by 20hp.

So in a week I should be ~82 kg down in weight :) Then...

Lightweight rear wing will replace engine lid and spoiler (6kg?), rear seats coming out (4kg?), lightweight flywheel (4kg?), RS pulley upgrade (1.5kg?) and replacing wheels with Veloce GT1 wheels (32kg!!) should get me close to 130kg total weight reduction with a little more power at the wheels, and significantly less unsprung weight for better roadhandling. Nice!

I miss the light 'chuckable' feeling of my old 3.2 Carrera, and this will nearly get me back to that sort of weight. Power to weight ratio should increase from 194hp/tonne to 230hp/tonne. A healthy increase of 18%!

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Cool! The RS was only 100kg lighter wasn't it?

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I have a set of Veloce GT1 18 inch wheels for sale (4 months old) with the latest p zeros which have only done 3500 miles.... I have refitted the origional Targa wheels and prefer them.

Anyone interested?

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Whan I saw the post on the homepage I just knew it was you :wink:

To much Rennlisting is bad for the wallet!

That is an impressive weight saving!

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Stevo, you have a private message

Poon, yep Rennlist has taken over my life!

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Smart move Graham to remove weight rather than seek significantly more power . It's the way to go at first. It should begin to feel like a new car . Does your model have metal inserts in the bumpers? If so there is a possible weight saving there. You could possibly look at a GRP bonnet but finding a quality item may be a problem. After all this I guess a corner balance would be in order.

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Bones, you are quite right - I will need a new alignment after all this which is why I am trying to do it all in a short time frame.

I am not prepared to take more weight off the front. To maintain the weight balance I need to take 2kg off the rear for every 1kg off the front and I am already not going to manage this.

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Yeh the arse end is quite a tricky area to lose weight from . I've lost a lot of weight from my SC and Inow find that my ride heights have risen so when Iput thenew shocks on (next year) I'll be lowering and corner balancing too. I've also found I can run with slightly lower pressures. The main benefit of the weight loss in my car has been a much more nimble car with a big handling improvement all round and slightly faster acceleration which you can feel.

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Bones, I'd be interested to know what weight you've lost as I guess your car is more comparable to mine. Out of interest, how do the 964 bumpers compare with the old impact ones in terms of weight?

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I can't put figures on my conversion but my bumpers have no metal behind them except for a steel bracket bolted to the impact bumper mounts. I've lost the spare tyre ,air pump, air blower and associated paraphinalia, I have a fibreglass engine lid and wing. All I can say is the handling is sharp and precise (I thought it was before) it is glued to th road thanks to the 3.8 wing and it is faster in acceleration in a straight line. The first time I drove it I thought I was driving a different car.
I haven't finished by a long way yat.

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