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weight loss


New member
29 May 2003
without being too radical how much mass can i remove from my 996 turbo?


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I can see this one becoming quite funny!

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Youll start with taking out the radio and end up replacing all the panels with carbonfibre :wink:
. Seriously though, things to consider: - lightweight seats, removal of radio, removal of air con, lighter wheels etc......

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Has anyone ever heard of lightening a 996 Turbo? I thought part of the attraction was speed in style and luxury?

Regardless, you could add to the list: removal of some sound-deadening, removal of rear seats

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I bet u wish u bought a gt2 now, as it seems now you want a lightweight beastie :wink:

(cough, 200th post, cough)

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Now every
100 posts Im going to change my font colour....you guys are gonna have to live with this for a few months :wink:
. On the wight loss issue. the front hood can be replaced with kevlar or similar, to lose 30 lbs or so. The seats are where you should start. One piece recaro or other buckets are what you should look for.

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Oh and lighter suspension.

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Will you stop if I give you another star? Or do you have other demands?

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Lol! Erm no, a star will be all thanks. There are so many things you can take out of a turbo! ummmmm lighter gearbox?

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:D :eek:
3 stars, thanks James. I assumed you want your turbo to go faster. The 1 thing that will improve speed the most is a good driver :wink:
. Go on a handling course first of all, in case u take stuff out and regret it later, when you couldve got the same extra speed out of yourself!

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