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Weight distribution front/rear on different 911 GT gens


1 Oct 2010
Does anyone know what the weight distributions are between the different generations? Lots of variables like fuel levels, cage fitted or not, but roughly speaking

I'm talking specifically about the GT/RS models, so e.g. not AWD models

I saw a post on RL one chap with a 997.2 GT3 said his car is 39% front 61% rear

What about earlier 911's, 964, 993 and also later models 991/992?

Just curious, would be interested to see how this has changed over time in numbers if anyone knows or has access to this data
I have no idea but let us know when you have a nice chart. :thumb:

Somewhat more seriously, isn't this in the launch spec or owners manual?
Good call

I had a scan through my owners manual and found this page which is interesting. I'm no rocket scientist, but 'maximum axle load" I presume means literally the most weight that can safely be put on each axle, as opposed to what the weight distribution actually is per axle

Reason I say it's interesting, is because 650/1055 = 39/61%, same % split as per the chaps post I saw from Rennlist :?: (he had actually put his car on scales and weighed it, I should've mentioned that in my first post above)

What do your owners manuals say Senoj, we're lucky that with you we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone :D

Any 991/2 GT3 owners out there ...?


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Also does anyone know if max weight per axle is DIN weight + a fixed %

Eg to get to DIN:

650 - 20% = 520
1055 - 20% = 844
520 +
844 =
1364kg which is close to the car's DIN... ish. I'm assuming it's the same % off each axle too though, which may not be the case

So we might be able to work this out ourselves with figures for each model from figures from the owners manuals

Who knows if it's correct though, could be a big waste of time :grin:

Where's Mr. GT3 when you need him?
I checked my manual and it's identical for the max axle loads.

Best bet would be check your print out from any previous corner weight set sessions. That should give an actual weight on the axle
Identical? I'm a bit stumped by that. I guess that would imply same weight distribution for all 996 & 997 GT3 and RS models :?:

I found a nice table on Wikipedia with lots of numbers on GT3/RS models including weights and production numbers, nothing about weight distribution though: [see Specifications]


I had a look through some old geo reports and couldn't see anything on weights. I'll see if I can have the car put on scales next time I have the geo sorted
I just stumbled upon this from one of Harry's vids, weight distribution on 992 (it looks like a Carrera S to me) appears to be 62% rear 38% front, if I'm a reading the numbers correctly. Numbers are not from a GT, but assuming GT's are about the same, it doesn't sound like the weight distribution is being affected too much by the engine supposedly 'creeping forward' over the last few years. In fact it's the same if not slightly more weight on the rear with the 992... lots of assumptions I'm making here though


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Weight Distribution 996.2 GT3


I had a look at paperwork from centre of gravity following a health check they did on the car.

It shows the front axle weight tobe 561Kg (38%)and the rear 904kg (62%).

The car will have had a bit of fuel in and I think they put a weight on the driver's seat - can't be sure of that.

Gives you an idea anyway.

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