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Wax Advice

I have Glasur, it's very very nice wax to use, and gives a bright 'bling' look on my blue Audi.

Have you thought about Swissvax Best Of Show (although think the price has gone up a bit now)?

Collinite 915 is very good too, and a lot cheaper. :thumb:
Plenty new waxes out there and loads of choice, but first...

Are you looking for durability or a dedicated show wax?
Do you want a wet look or more shine?

I'm looking for durability to use on an everyday car. Shine is what I'm after.
For durability I'd suggest Gtechniq C1, but a wax wins on shine any day.
Burn me at the stake, but if you want a durable finish and high shine I'd use a sealant over a wax.

Wax gives a warm or wet look. Some of the best looking show waxes also last for only a month or two.

Check out detailing world forum for sealants. I would recommend a product such as Finish Kare 1000p (fk1000p) or poorboys ex-p for a long life value for money sealant.

I use Collinite915 but it needs to be on and off pretty quick cos that stuff sticks like ***** if you don't remove it within 1 minute of application. It also needs some serious elbow grease but the results are worth it if you're willing to put the effort in.

If you do it right you will get some quality beading and a deep finish.

Do it wrong you'll need to spend hours stripping back and a week nursing your aching arm ! (I know from experience !)
Just started all this process on my white turbo cab so far the best by miles on my white car has been

Chemical Guys Jet Seal 109 two coats

Chemical Guys Lava wax 1 coat

its turned out like glass!! really impressed with there products, bought the gloss wash too so will try that shortly!

Oh and you can't forget the stripper fragrance fr inside the car!! brings back so many memories hahaha :thumb:
Check out the autobrite range of waxes, they have a wax formulated to suit the colour of your car, I use the black magic, easyish to apply and smells of chocolate!
I have also recently started using a QD after each wash to maintain and preserve between waxes. Check out the sonax extreme shine, easy to apply and buff off and the beading and sheeting of water! it's insane!

For pure durability which is what you are after it is near impossible to beat Collinite 476s.
If it is applied correctly is is very simple to remove with a good microfibre buffing cloth. A lot of people try to apply it by hand far too thick, almost like a polish. When applying it I would usually use a slightly damp applicator sponge and put it on as thinly as possible, remembering that wax that comes off on your cloth offers no protection to your paintwork.
But as with anything it's the various stages of preparation of your paintwork before the final application of wax that counts. :thumb:

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