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water water everywhere


New member
26 Nov 2002
I have an '89 911 cabriolet and I get a lot of water in the footwells front and back - kind of worrying. Is this unusual. Should i ignore it or start harvesting rice!

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Unfortunately it is unusal but having said that it is not right either.

There are two causes to water ingress:

1) Blocked drainage holes

2) Leaking roof seals

Given that yours is a Cab it is more likely the roof itself is leaking, or at least causing most of the problems. You can replace the seals and you can even buy a new top but others have found that it is very hard to actually solve the problem. Your best bet may be to accept the leaks and try to store the car out of the rain. Alternatively you could get a good, waterproof, breatheable car cover.

Best of luck


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My 92 cab leaks a bit when it is driven in the rain but not a lot.

Best of luck

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where is the engine management computer box (ECU) on a cabriolet - its not on the floor under the passenger seat by any chance is it?

Is it also just waiting for the tide to come in to ruin it at a cost of 1000 pounds?

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What are the symptoms of an ECU meltdown?

I was away last weekend, and left my '95 993 cabriolet outside. When I came back, I started the car without any problem, drove around for about an hour, ran beautifully. However, I noticed that there was water dripping on my feet from under the dash.

When I got back, I checked the driver's footwell, and rear floor, and noticed that the carpets were soaking (although the passenger's side was bone dry). I then checked the central locking, via the central console switch, at which point the alarm went off, and I could not turn it off, either via the remote control, or the key. I had to disconnect the battery to stop the alarm.

The car is now totally dead. I can do nothing with it, and obviously I do not want the cost of a tow to my local dealer.

Anyone got any ideas. Incidentally, I have tried removing driver's seat (ECU is under there on the LHD cars), but since everything is electric, the whole car is blocked.............

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Obviously - Take out the carpets and dry everything asap.
The ecu on my previous 3.2 Carrera survived half an inch of water under the seat although the alarm system alongside it did not.(the alarm worked for a day after using a fan heater on it for a few hours - then packed in).

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the roof copuld also want re-proofing you can buy this in a spray can from any good camping shop and it does work

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Just be happy you didn't buy a MG TF, my pals car leaks so bad i suggested he fits guttering to it.

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