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Water in floorpan

Paul Connor

New member
1 Sep 2004
Has anyone had similar experience or offer advice?

Car is 89 Carrera Sport Coupe. Noticed wet carpet recently on passenger's side. Lifted up and floor pan v wet. No open windows, sunroof etc etc. In fact no sign of damp FROM ABOVE, so I assume is must be coming in from below? What "holes" are there for water to come in (eg where a rubber seal may have perished)?

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i had a problem once where the water got in from the window seal dripped onto the inside door panel and ran down onto the floor pan took me ages to find it.

just a thought

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I have a new windscreen and it hasn't been sealed properly. The water sits under the seal and when you drive the car the body flexes and in comes the water. I end up with damp carpets and wet passenger legs. I have only just noticed this as the car does not usually live outside but has been out in some heavy rain recently.

It has to go back to the bodyshop to have the bonnet sorted (where they didn't do the job properly) so I will get the windscreen leak done at the same time.

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Thanks, mark - I'll check the window. I guess the carpet would be wet where it wraps up to the sill though? That's dry in mine. I'll have another look.

Will - Thanks. However, there is no sign of any dampness above the floorpan and haven't had a new screen.

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My 964 does the same thing, but in the back and when it rains, not when (if) I wash it. I think it's something to do with the sunroof drain channel which gets blocked.


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Ok but I should add the windscreen was fitted 5 months ago and this problem has only just materialised.

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i have a problem with my brakes on new Boxter S previously had a 911 sc 1982 targa no problems at all with this car.

new cars huh!!

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Check out the door seals also as I've heard of 911s having similar problems to the Audi S2 I had - a minute trickle would run down a carpet seam unnoticed but gradually soaking up under the carpet.

Solution - strip and dry out floorpan & carpet, strip doorseal rubber and run bead of silicone round frame.

Worth a look


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Leaks..and common causes.


Repeating some of the advice in my guides.........

The typical places for 3.2, 964 and 993 coupe to leak are;

1.around the rear quarter window. Concentrate a hose on it and look see if anything runs from behind the trim.

2.from inside the doors. This should be number one. The plastic membrane gets old/damaged and will allow water out from behind the door pocket/door trim. Open the door, concentrate water down by the glass (so it goes inside the skin) and look for leakage. Usually damp/mildewed door pockets and rusty screws give the game away. Fix with a new membrane, a load of care and patience...... and test before you refit the door panel trim. Water ingress here is so common.

3. sunroof drains can be tested individually with a small amount of water and cleared with strimmer cord.

4. windscreens can leak and need a proffesional to fix.

5. the rubber that contains the door electrics (between the hinges) comes adrift 964/993...and will secretly leak.

Hope this helps.

Adrian Crawford.

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Thanks, Adrian - #2 sounds to me like the most likely cause. I'll get on it at weekend!

Is there anyway that it could be coming from the bulkhead? I only ask as the carpet on the sills is bone dry.

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I had similar with my 3.2 Carrera - eventually traced the leak to the front bottom corner of the windscreen. The water was running down the edge of the dash and dripping straight onto the floor carpet. I would have thought the sill carpet would get wet if its leaking from the doors.

The other thing to check that hasn't been mentioned is the drain from the fresh air intake behind the dash. It is behind the carpet at the back of the boot, and could be blocked.


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I am experiencing the same problem with my 1998 Carrera 4 (996)

Drivers footwell around pedals is wet-can"t find the leak-everywhere else is bone dry, and its driving me crazy. Sometimes windsceen is misted inside car due to it being damp.........HELP!

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Got home today and found leak(hopefully).Drivers door carpet sodden at bottom around and under door speaker. Water is tracking to lowest point and dropping onto floorpan carpet from the door carpet (also car is parked on a slope.) Need to get door panel off without damage,and avoid setting off airbag to investigate possible membrane damage.

Anybody got any advice or been there.......is it an easy job?

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