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Warranty Renewal


Mexico City
25 Jul 2005
Hi Guys,

The extended Porsche warranty that i got when i bought my car is about to expire. I wondered if anybody had any opinions about the best way to extend it. The current one is with Porsche OPC in Solihull and being in London, can anybody recommend which OPC i should go to, to extend? I assume that since it is currently under warranty, they shouldn't insist on the 111 Pt check and if they do and find any probs, they should fix under warranty...??

Just want to get some opinions before I speak to the OPC's...


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The warranty is world wide so you're right in that you wont need to pay for the 111 point check so long as you renew prior to expiry of the existing one. Mine was originally german and OPC Tonbridge renewed it with no problems. The only way I can see that you would need the 111 point check would be if your servicing was done by an independant or non -opc firm. Choice of OPC is down to you although some would argue its a bit like voting at a general election in the UK i.e pick the least worse in an average to poor bunch!!!

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to renew the warranty you just phone your nearest OPC give them the chassis no and your credit card and its done

no need to have the car re inspected

provived the warranty hasn't run out

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Thanks guys,

follow up question...if i renew with Hatfield OPC and the car develops a problem am i required to go to them to get it checked out? Having just read a thread that slates them, i was wondering if I can go to JZ's or somebody similar and if a problem is identified, Porsche will stump up the cash?

I thought i read this somewhere in a thread, but have not been able to find it with searches.


PS Hendo, love your signature, i think i may get a bumper sticker with that on! :wink:

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not sure if Porsche would pay for an independant to do warranty work..............even if they were the ones to diagnose a problem.

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Well as Mark said, was an easy enough process. Ended up using Chiswick as Hatfield never phoned back. Chasis and cc numbers and another year of (relatively) worry free motoring aqquired!

thanks for the info.

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How much is it to extend the warranty - and is it car/age specific?

E.g. whats it cost per year to have OPC warranty for:

993 1996 car C2?

993 1996 car Turbo?

996 2003 car C4S?

996 2003 car Turbo?

Does it vary by dealer, or is it fixed across UK. Has anyone checked what a German dealer charges for an OPC (hence world wide) extended warranty?

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1996 cars wont be covered cos of their age

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Oh yes - it runs out at 9 years and 125,000 miles. Does it get more expensive year on year or is it just the £730/year I've seen quoted. Is this for any model (inc Turbo?)


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Is it possible to get a European warranty it costs about £500 i think?


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OK, sorry to reopen this subject again, but some guidance from anyone in the know would be appreciated.

I have an extended warranty on the car which I swear says it expires in April this year or 1 year from when the previous owner bought the car from Guilford OPC. I've just rang up Chiswick OPC, who say that the warranty doesn't expire until November this year. So when you get a 1 year extended warranty from an OPC when purchasing 2nd hand, does that 1 year only kick in when the original 2 year warranty finishes?

I'm probably being a little dense here. So be easy with me.

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The awnser is yes to both questions :wink:


Cos the same append to me

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Speed Freak on 08 March 2006

The awnser is yes to both questions :wink:


Cos the same append to me
Good so I've just effectively saved £350, that'll buy a new tyre come service time

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