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Warranty - one step forwards.. two steps back


11 Jan 2021
So I was lucky to avoid a £500 bill to replace my flange bolts (ooh matron!), because a PSE valve had stuck internally, requiring a full front silencer replacement under warranty (yay!).

Then driving back I got the 'high level brake light' warning.

And the aircon isn't working any more :rolleyes:

So it's going back in; I'm clocking a lot of miles just going back and forth to OPC. I think the brake light will be covered under warranty, less confident on the aircon tho - I guess that depends on the cause? I had the gas topped up about a year ago, no water in the cabin but making that hissing noise that sounds like it's run low again.

silencer 1.jpg
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By far the most common fault on the air con is a condenser failure, which I'm pretty sure won't be covered under warranty 😬
brake light should be covered

but the air con, depends on if there is a leak
Thanks guys - yup, suspect there is a leak, I guess a couple of condensers isn't the end of the world (except in OPC money :))
On my old 991.1 GTS, on 2 occasions over a 6 month period the Aircon gas completly emptied but was unable to find any leaks. My indie added some dye to help find the leak and topped it up again, but it didn't leak again in 12 months and then I sold the car. Before a refill, the systems will perform a leak test so rather than pay to find the leak, it is cheaper to book in a regas at Kwik-fit or F1 and let them perform the leak test as partnof the standard process. If they find a leak then they won't charge you but if they don't they will top you up and it's only about £80 IIRC
Have you checked the relevant fuses?

Two unrelated systems simultaneous failures like that would make me think fuses first?

Might also be worth checking the connection of the rear boot lid to the main harness. Is the engine cooling fan and engine bay illumination light in the decklid working?
OK so I did what the warning said....'check high level brake light'. It worked fine and the warning cleared :oops:

Now I have another issue to replace that with. A very lumpy start and idle followed by a red check engine light. It's happened a couple of times before and OPC couldn't replicate it (on two separate visits). I'm pretty sure this coincides with washing the car (and OPC were a bit over-zealous with the jet wash - all the lights fogged up).

Does this suggest a failing coil pack? It's getting quite frustrating having to keep going backwards and forwards only to find they can't replicate the fault. It will be the third time sending them a video of the start-up issue. Trouble is, it sorts itself out after a few starts.

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