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Warning to all Buyers

Ian Oldfield

New member
28 Oct 2003

I purchased a 911 SC in september form PortWay Motor Centre in Portway, Birmingham. I did not get a PPI. I now have a near £2k bill to get the car back on the road.

The car has a broken torsion bar, handbrake is not working, rusted brake lines, tyres at road legal 1.6, heating not working, alternator broke with 20 mins, dead battery, blown rear exhaust box and others.

An independent report was doen and the car is clased as a death trap and i am not allowed to drive it. I am now suing Portway garage.

So do not buy a car from this garage - they have several proisches for sale and also ensure you have a PPI done.

I feel a fool and gladly accept i was stupid. I will let you all know how i get o in the courts.

ps. Trading Standards were interested and decided to not tale criminal proceedings against Portway due to the cost involved!! Uselss.


Ian Oldfield

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Hi Ian. Welcome to the board. I am sorry your first post was such a sorry tale. You must be gutted about the whole thing. I wish you every luck with your legal case.

This may not be what you want to hear but apart from the broken torsion tube the other faults on the car sound pretty typical of a car that is 20-25 years old. I would expect to have to pay somewhere around a grand on this sort of vintage of 911 after purchase as things like exhaust boxes need replacing more often than not.

However, your list of woe would definitely fail an MOT - did they provide it with a full MOT at the time of purchase? If so, I would have thought you have some legal comeback on them/the MOT station.

Best of luck with your case.


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Hello Ian

Just got PPI check done myself on a 911/930 turbo 87 model pictures looked great, but after PPI, the real pictures came to light. The car was full of faults and not worth the money. It was the best £240 pounds I spent was on getting a PPI check done before you buy, to save a lot of pain buying a heap of junk. Well good luck with your case and hope everything goes in your favour.

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Ah you made it here from Rennlist Ian, welcome. Hope it all works out but a lot of that stuff is easily fixable especially if youare mechanically minded and have a garage or friends who do.

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Sorry to hear you had such a crap time, but if nothing else, it points out the beenfits of having knowledgable people look at a car even if you don't get a PPI - any mechanic or someone with limited knowledge would be able to, with a drive, suss out that the handbrake doesn't work, the tyres are very near their legal limit, and a drive would soon show up the blown exhaust and the fact that the heating wasn;t working. Not trying to rub it in, but I guess we all have a duty to check these things ourselves, expisically when it's a case of twiddling a few knobs. Let us all beware....


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OLD Porsche's....

All old Porsche are going to have faults, I point it out in my buyers guides, in fact really all cars have some fault, knock, clonk, rattle or wobbly bit that falls off ....but it sounds like you bought a poor example from an equally poor dealer.

Generally its a good plan to find a solution with the vendor without going to court, by the time court happens the World has moved on and you've lived with the problem for a year or two.

Much as it grates, it could be worth reaching a compromise with them even if they are 100% wrong - just to get the thing fixed and move on to happier Porsche times.

I expect you have a claim under merchantability and could reject the goods, but it might not get your £££ back. MOT is only relevant for the day tested. Another thing, you might not want to let them resell for you either (they have your car and your money then). So I urge you to find a compromise solution where you can get the essentials (torsion bar) repaired and have a 911 of some value as opposed to none.

No I am not trying to save the skin of the dealer - but I have witnessed this scenario too often and know a happy conclusion (for you) is less likely the further into legals it goes and the longer from point of sale. (and the longer it goes the more likely your soliciter can afford a Porsche). Poor dealers often have prior experience of wriggling from problems...

Wish you luck,

Adrian Crawford 911secrets.com performance2and 4.co.uk

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Also Ian remember that even if you do win your case they still might not pay up unless you are prepared to send balifs round.

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They have to cover costs of baliffs though.

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Hi all

Many thanks to everyone who has replied.

I am hoping to hear from my solicitors within the next few days to see if i have a good case to sue. It will be paid for from my legal expenses Insurance.

However i am now trying to price everything up to get the car back on the road. If it is going to cost £ks then i may aswell get it back to near concours condition and enjoy a car that has my own signature on it.

It is a shame that in this world a dealer can sell a car that does not meet good quality. It is a shame all the porschs in the uk could not visit Portway and make sure their business suffers for a few days.

I will keep this site updated.



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You never actually mentioned what they said when you pointed this out. I know it was not a satisfactory response but would be keen to hear their actual attitude to it.


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Portway said that as they are an Auction House (?) they do not need to give a warranty and are not covered by any consumer laws. However, i paid my money direct to Portway and there was no auction - I haggled with Portway and have an invoice from them. In all their attitude has been we have your money now b###er off. They did say they would pay for the alternator - £200 but i have not had any money off them.

Porsche Club GB also spoke to them but again their answer was we are an auction house.

My lawyer says that if they sell 6 cars a year they are deemed as a dealer and so no matter what thye say do come under consumer law.



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Go get them.

Good Luck Ian.


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Yeh hang in there Ian we're all behind you.

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If they have a showroom park the car right outside with a big sign in the window warning prospective buyers about the faults on your car. It would be interesting to see how they respond as this would hit future sales.


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Ouch. That would hurt. May be a dangerous tactic though.

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