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Warning light question

9 Jun 2003
On my way to work this morning, I had a warning light come on. I don't have the manual in the car (but will from now on!) and so don't know precisely what the warning means!

Its between the 4 and 5 on the clock and looks like two wheels (one smaller than the other) conected by a toothed belt. Can anyone confirm what it means?

I assume that its telling me that the fan belt is slipping - what damaged will I do if I drive it for a couple of days before getting it looked at?

I guess the alternator won't be charging and the fan not spinning, but will I be OK if I keep my speed right down, and the spoiler in its up position?

Thanks for your comments in advance.

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Sounds to me like an issue with the Fan belt sensor which detects belt failure. It doesn't measure the speed of the belt, just the fact that the belt is still there. Obviously if the belt fails, then the fan will stop and our air cooled babies will start to run very hot, therefore you'll want to know about it via the little warning light.

Maybe the sensor has failed and you might be able to confirm this by shorting the wires and checking that the light goes out. OBVIOUSLY DON'T RUN THE ENGINE WITH WIRES OR FINGERS IN THE WAY! but you'll probably need to swicth the ignition on.

Also, take a look at this site, which details how to fix a squeeking sensor

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Thanks - the light is intermittent, so I assume that the belt is still there and that it might just be the sensor. I'll have a look at lunchtime and report later.

Thanks for the quick response.

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Had this one on my 993. The alternator / fan belt has a sensor as mentioned above. The sensor has a small wheel arrangement which pushes against the rotating belt which sends a signal indicating that the tension is within limits. If this sensor triggers the dash alarm light either the sensors faulty (common) or your belts loose / broken. If the sensors faulty (like mine was) driving is ok, but the failure tends to be in the bearing (like mine was) which quickly breaks up and the resulting wobbly wheel chews up your belt (like mine did!!!). All in the time it takes to drive to Porsche to buy a new one. Tip is don't leave it, it takes far longer to change the belts AND the sensor (particularly with an AC compressor, incidentally does anyone know which fuse controls the electro clutch???).



P.S. I can't get to Italy so i have to pay someone 200 euro to drive my 993 from Turin to Cannes + fuel, anybody cheaper?!!

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Cheers Matt

I popped into Strasse in Leeds on my way home the other night and they confirmed that it was the sensor, and that it would wait until the week after next when I've booked it in for a service. Especially as its my everyday drive! I did 275 miles in it yesterday with a blinking light - lets hope I'm not pushing my luck.

I hope nothing goes 'pop' before then !


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