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Wanted 1987(ish) 911 3.2 Coupe

Steven Carr

20 May 2006
Hi there,

I am looking for a 1987 (or thereabouts) RHD 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe. Ideally I want a car with the G50 gearbox. The car I am looking for will ideally have less than 120k miles and have a service history. Preferably it will have new exhausts and heat exchangers. I am looking for a car that is standard and has NOT had an engine overhaul and has not been accident damaged. I do not have a strong preference for colour but guards red, white or silver would be fine.

Update - I purchased a 1985 911 Turbo and now the engine and gearbox are being re-furbished I expect to complete this work in Q1 2007

Thanks for looking - Steve


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Steve, the obvious question is have you searched this website? I saw 20 cars below £15k.

BTW I would have thought that on a 28 year old car you would have been looking for one that had already had an engine build by a known specialist - is there any particular reason for not wanting the work done?


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18yo car LOJO :wink:

yeah why would you want one that hasn't had an engine overhaul????

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They don't all need an overhaul around the 100K mark you know!!!

But I can't see any reason to discount those that have, it would certainly negate the need for you to fork out £3-5K! Am sure that you will find what you are looking for, but I wouldn't be quite so specific in my requirements, IMHO.

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Thanks for the replies. When I was 25 (quite a while ago) I bought a 3.0 911 SC then I rebuilt the engine. I had so much fun I want to repeat the process again. This should explain why I want a standard car that hasn't been subject to an overhaul. My last car had full service history with 76k on the clock and when I got it apart the rings were shot and so were the valve guides. I replaced the usual parts and when I finished (after four months) the car ran like a dream with no oil leaks. The main issue I did have was the condition of the heat exchangers which was not so good.

So I can't see the point of buying a car that has already been overhauled and in any event a car that needs work is likely to reflect this in the price.

Some might consider me a bit odd but the challange of re-building another Porsche would give me great pleasure and satisfaction. I intend to join the owners club then take part on some track days but mainly use the car in the summer.

Anyway I hope this explains my reasoning. My requirements would be flexible for the right car and mainly I have listed what would be ideal. As an example I am viewing an 84 and an 85 3.2 Carrera tomorrow.

If you have a nice 1997 911 that you want to sell then give me a call or drop me an email...



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Fair enough - that does make sense, Steve. In that case the cheapest one on this site was asking £6,500 for a RHD - you should be able to do a reasonable deal on that if you are better with a spanner than I am at maths and eager to get dirty!


Err... I'm sure there was one yesterday - cheapest today is £8,900. Perhaps Ebay would be a good place to look, especially if you are mechanically confident?

Good luck and we'd all love to see the work in progress & results!

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Thanks for the comment - I know some people would consider me eccentric. I am going to take a lot of photographs to Document what I do and maybe I will post them on the internet.

If you see a 1987 3.2 Supersport at a reasonable price then let me know...



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Steve - wow, love to have the ability to weild a spanner, don't do it any more, cause more damage than good.

Now if the spanner had a keyboard, it would be a different thing. Would love to have the ability to rebuild an engine though.

Am sure that you will find something.


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The one in the picture above would be nice...

Steve :)

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