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Want to buy 911, Have -------

John Lyle

New member
26 Jun 2005
Hi All,

Been having a look around for a nice clean early 80's 911, preferably something with a Turbo body. At the moment I have a nice Vette, not everbodies cup of tea but if anyone out there is remotely interested in a deal on a 911 get in touch, would save me all the hassle of having loads of tyre kickers round.

It is an 81 with a 4 speed manual and around 450hp, ran
with a slipping clutch will run easy 12's now it has new clutch, just fitted some sidepipes a few weeks ago, you can see more on my website. 07968 635662







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I bet that Vette sounds utterly awesome...

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Mmmm shiney! She's a beaut, but I doubt I'd be able to get my garage door down over that arse. That's one long car.

I do however have a superb early 80s 911 cab for sale if you're interested. The price has recently been slashed as its about to go to a dealer for a trade in.


Take care,


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Thanks for the compliments, I have had it for six and a bit years now so it is time for a change. Engine has less than a thousand miles on it. Check out the links and see how it goes :D

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John, links don't appear to work. Shame I'd love to hear it in action.

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Jay T

For some reason these days it looks like Yahoo doesn't allow links anymore, give me an hour or two and I will sort something out. By the way nice vert but I would prefer a hard top.



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That sounds outrageous.

BTW what is that thing that seems to be holding its own on the drag strip with you. Looks like an old Cortina estate or something :D

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Doesn't matter how much you spend there is always somebody quicker, it was indeed a Mk 2 Cortina, looked like it was worth about fifty quid !!!!! went like the proverbial
of a shovel


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that is one nice 'vette!

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Thanks poon,

It would be nice to be able to keep the Vette and pick up a 911 but not sensible, made that mistake a while back. The Vette is not in the same league quality wise as a Porsche but it does turn a few heads. Just as an asides to anyone a LHD 911 would be no problem as I have driven left hookers for years.



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