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Vettels RBR car


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23 Jan 2008
Maybe its just me thinking out loud but for a good few races I have had my doubts about the specific car that Vettel is driving.

It seems to be able to bolt off the line and put a good few seconds gap between the chasing pack within 1-4 laps before the gap seems to settle down and/or he just creeps away over a GP.

Is it the driver. Is he as good as the best ever F1 drivers?
Is his car somewhat "different" to the other RBR car in terms of on-board software, car technology, tyres? etc etc
Could they have an edge/hidden secret with that specific car, that the bods at F1 have not picked up on?

If not then is Vettel just a wonder driver in single seaters.......but then again, he is the same guy that Di Resta beat to a Championship, earlier in their single seater careers

Something about that car is bugging me.


Good post !!! glad you brought it up cos it's been bugging me too !!. The
fact is that all the guys on the grid have super quick reaction times, and
the front runners in particular have very similar power to rate ratios.

So, his getting away from the rest at warp factor nine seems a bit odd..
I wonder whether Vettel's car has lower ratios in the first two gears...?
or is it that the Red bull is just way better than the rest on full tanks ?..
if that was indeed the case, it wouldn't say much for Porsche's latest
recruit, Mark Webber would it ?

At Spa, he passed Hamilton up Kemmel with no DRS on the very first
lap.. yes, I know that the Red Bull was running with minimal rear wing.

... :?:
I was wondering if the car has a software program somewhere on the car that finishes/expires/erases itself after 20 mins or so and is undetectable(post race). In many GP's he gets away like a rocket but what I can't get my head around is how often he can build such big gaps within the first 1-5 laps especially

Whatever they are doing its either very advanced/clever or dare I say it against the FIA/F1 rules

"Traction control as a specific component is banned but its function is now duplicated by all, with different degrees of success, via engine maps that manipulate torque curves and use partial firing of cylinders to achieve the a similar result. Mapping is one of the black arts of modern racing and one essentially impossible to police.

Even with the insane tech of today's F1 the old maxims still apply: " if you 'ain't cheating, you ain't trying" and " it's only cheating if you get caught".

No chance(I hope) that they are getting slightly better tyres vs the rest??
Source of info has no credibility in the matter.

His starts haven't been that amazing but starting in pole makes it a lot easier.

However there are problems that have a fixed duration and a self delete.

Or as I suspect is is that good :)
There seems to be a great deal of speculation and theories to why the RBR is so quick, i remember the 'mini KERS' system a couple of years back...I just think the car is the best aerodynamically, you could see the advantage RBR had this year on the exit of Eau Rouge at Spa, the grip levels were phenomenal. I think this year at low downforce circuits RBR have managed to reduce the wing drag for greater straight line speed without compromising it's downforce... I think the chassis itself has sufficient downforce to keep the car on the track.

Regarding Vettel, he's a great driver but if you put either Hamilton or Alonso in the same car he'd come 2nd. If you look at his laps he can miss 2 or 3 apex and still get the fastest lap.
So are we saying that Vettel IS that good or is the RBR just a fantastic(and 100% legal race car under FIA rules)?

Hats off to Vettel if his car is that good as he is getting the most from it and thus deserves to be where he is. :thumb:
I can't believe I'm sticking up for him but .........

A 21 year old Vettel won a GP in a Toro Rosso in 2008.

In 2009 (the last year a truly dominant car won the World Championship) Vettel came second. ie. He beat Rubens in a Brawn.

Three consecutive World Championships since then and almost certainly a fourth this season.

54 podiums including 31 wins from 87 starts since joining RBR.

Not bad for a 26 year old.

My conclusion = The car may be brilliant but I have to accept that Vettel is quite good too.
He's a talented driver in arguably the best car on the grid so there's little surprise that he's consistently on the podium.

What would be surprising is if ANY of the cars are completely legal, or at the very least not exploiting one or more loophole in the regulations to gain some kind of competitive advantage - it wouldn't be F1 if they played by the rules, and all the better for it...
T8 said:
My conclusion = The car is brilliant but I have to accept that Vettel is quite good too.

Spot on :thumb:
Zantaz said:
T8 said:
My conclusion = The car is brilliant but I have to accept that Vettel is quite good too.

Spot on :thumb:

I'll support that motion that he is 'quite' good :)

the Schumacher of his era and soon Schumacher will be known as the Vettel of his era :D
I'm with ' Chimp' on this one, he is undoubtedly good, there is no denying it, and he is quite a good character ( I met him and Webber at the Korean F1 .a couple of years back.) :sleepy:

But as we find out from time to time , someone has an' advantage' that comes into question......
What hasn't been mentioned on the thread yet is .......Adrian Newey......now he is quite simply ' The Best' and when all these components are part of the same equation ...... Success!

Sorry boys, I still do not underdstand just how he manages to eek out
sometimes up to a 3+ second advantage over the field on the first lap of
a GP....unless as I said earlier, the Red Bull has some unearthly ability to
go flat out on cold tyres and a full tank...which all other's simply can't do.
Mega competitive F1 !! ..they have a secret , IMO at this level 10% driver and 90% Adrian Newey .. would Webers car not have the same little secret though or are they secretive even in the same team ?
kp964 said:
Mega competitive F1 !! ..they have a secret , IMO at this level 10% driver and 90% Adrian Newey .. would Webers car not have the same little secret though or are they secretive even in the same team ?

..Who knows ?...Mr Webber's starts have always been pants...
Webber has a lot of additional drag from his shoulder-mounted chip... :bandit:

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