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VAT Qualifying 997's in the UK - dealers/individual sources


New member
7 Apr 2013
Hi team,

this is my first post on 991uk. To cut a long story short I am looking to import my first porsche from the UK to New Zealand where I live. Essentially to do so I have to purchase a porsche with a euro 4 emissions rating (or better) and must be no older than 2005.

I am always looking at various UK websites to see what is available etc etc. however if I purchase a vat qualifying porsche I can obviously save a few more $$ as it leaves the UK.

Does anyone know of any reliable dealers/individuals who can source these qualifying porsche 997's?

Any contacts/leads really appreciated.

Unfortunately in NZ the range of porsche available is smaller and the prices of the vehicles are 10-20% higher than what I can import from the UK.

I look forward to hearing from fellow bloggers soon.

Thanks in advance.

Regards Matt
Hawke's Bay
New Zealand
very few vat qualifying cars available
most vat q's come from leasing companies and with company car taxes being what they are, companies tend to lease mondeos but not 911's
Porsche in West London do sell VAT qualifying cars. See this from the net. If the used car is a VAT Qualifying vehicle, then you can buy it for the ex-VAT price. If the car is a margin scheme car (i.e. most used cars, because the original VAT was paid and not reclaimed in part or full when new), then it makes no difference to you. You can buy any new car for the ex-VAT price as they are all eligible for VAT.

Not that it does not equate to a 20% discount off MRRP, but a 16.666% effective discount (20/120ths) on the price exclusive of VED (which will be zero-rated for you as part of producing your award notice from DWP) and first reg fee.

In NZ you have your own version of VAT called GST (Good and Services Tax) which you would have to pay upon the vehicles arrival and the amount would be 15% of the vehicles cost plus shipping and Insurance charges (and probably others as well). Does this makes sense?

Exporting motor vehicles outside the EU - the Personal Export Scheme:

the main points it states are:

When you buy a vehicle under the scheme, the supplier will give you an application form VAT 410.

You must:
read VAT notice 705
complete the form
sign it to say you have read Notice 705
hand it back to the supplier.


If you are from outside the EU, you may use the vehicle in the UK during the last 12 months of your stay in the EU. If you are an EU resident who is emigrating, you may only use the vehicle during the last six months before you emigrate.
Just wondered if it might be worth speaking to Malton Specialist Cars in N Yorkshire - through a friend, I have the impression that they send cars overseas on a fairly regular basis so might know the ins and outs of how best to go about it and the taxes/shipping etc involved. This is not a recommendation as I have no personal experience of them but just know they do worldwide stuff. Hope you succeed - will keep an eye out when we next visit family in NZ. I know what their imported cars cost so can see why you are trying to save a few bucks!! Got to be better than a Holden.

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