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varioram or not (big deal) AC or not Ac that is the question


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6 Jun 2010
In my current quest for a reasonably priced 993, I found one that I like and it's a very sound car.

A few negatives:

things Im not sure about - no Air con - big deal or not?
Pre Varioram model - Big deal or not.
Final thing: 16" wheels but refurbed - could upgrade to 17" when tyres ar ready for change?

Other than above, the car is very clean, has a great history and comes from a very good home.

Opinions please on the negatives?

Oh and its 24k - C2 manual two owner from new - full history and all bills 85k on clock. resprayed (original colour - as part of tidy up by owner but no damage or anything like that)
I wouldn't care about the VR, but would care about the A/C. My 993 is an all year daily, and air con would make it much more comfortable for summer driving and longer trips. It would also help demist the screen in the winter. The 16s will I'm sure give great handling, and could easily be kept as winters if you felt the need for larger wheels.

Will it be a 2nd/3rd car or a daily? That'll make all the difference to the need for air con. And of course if the car is as good as it sounds, I could live with the spec not being perfect. Usual chassis legs, aperture rust, blah...
I agree with the above.

It's sings and roundabouts with the Varioram or no varioram issue. I could live with either.

I couldn't live without the AC.

Your choice really. 16" inch wheels are easily upgraded.

Ive sort of factored in a 2k spend on aftermarket air con - I hear its better than the original and if I did it at purchase stage, then I would have the benefit of it for my use and then recoup it at sale time, what do you think?

Oh and yes I drove it on the 16s and it felt pretty planted and cornered really well plus Im a towny so probably be good on the pot holes.
Sounds expensive. Should be closer to £20k. This sold recently for a tad more and it's from a specialist dealer, air con and vario.
hmm see what you mean but 15k difference in mileage?

When you say a tad more - how much?

making me think though :?:
bigunit said:
Sounds expensive. Should be closer to £20k. This sold recently for a tad more and it's from a specialist dealer, air con and vario.
But that's a targa - wilpert is talking about a pre-Varioram, so presumably it's coupe or cabrio...

Mine is pre-Varioram (but it has the RS/LWT clutch/flywheel, and close-ratio 'box :D), and has no air-con either.

I can't say that I miss air-con, but then it isn't a daily driver - so I've invariably got the windows/sunroof open anyway. As you say, it can always be retro-fitted if it bothers you that much...
I wouldn't underestimate cost to retrofit ac. Svp quoted me £3k + vat to fit to my 964 coupe. Not sure £2k all in is realistic
Wouldn't worry about pre varioram etc. Better to buy on condition. I spent a fair amount getting the AC working on my 993 because it was fitted and I wanted it to work. I've gone through similar with my 964 but having used it a fair bit without it working I reckon I could cope OK. Plus any excuse to have the roof and window open to hear the engine :thumb:

Spending that money I was going to point you in the direction of Kimbo's car for sale - but cant find it :dont know: Has he sold it :?:
I started off with varioram and AC on my shopping list but ended up with neither. Don't miss either, like to drive with the window down when I can and hear the 'Hollamby".
Zingari said:
Nice. But that 'blue' interior :nooo:

Don't mind the blue interior too much but deffo needs some of the wider offset rear Cup 2's at that ride height, far too inboard for my eye :nooo:
My car has no aircon', never miss it as rare days in UK to really need it. Hit the de-mist button and the screen soon clears. My last 993 had aircon and after spending a good wedge getting it to work it still never seemed to be efficient.
All that extra weight too!

I'd always go for a V'ram if there was a choice.

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