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Valentino Rossi confirms retirement.


4 Jun 2009
It was looking likely but Rossi has confirmed he won't be riding a Moto GP bike after this year.


Full video of announcement here -


He was always going to run a new team as he's been running his teams in the lower classes for a while, but his Middle Eastern backers also wanted him to ride one of the bikes. However he's hanging up his leathers at the end of this season.
Absolute legend. I passed my bike test in 1999 and came back to Moto Gp after only vaguely watching when I was a kid Sheene/Mamola era.
I've been lucky enough to witness all his rivalries and they've been epic.

He's not called the GOAT for nothing, although Marquez may steal that title eventually.
Rossi has done very little for years now though (results wise) and it's time to give a seat up for new talent.
Ironically the most recent chance he had of a title was the one that Marc meddled in to help Lorenzo. Dirty ***** but that's another story.

Anyway, I've loved the rivalries and all the racing Rossi has brought us. I've seen him race live and he won and I've also visited his home town on my 2019 roadtrip.

Whether you love him or hate him (some weirdos do :grin: ) there's no denying what he's done for the profile and income of the sport.

Some old battles.



So it's goodbye to a hero of mine and I don't include many folk in that category. Luckily he'll still be around and on the pit wall. :thumb:

And another promising talent cut short. Rossi's good mate, gone but not forgotten SuperSic -

Much like Djokovic will eclipse Federer, the Fed will always be the GOAT, as will Rossi. Marquez is a true talent, but no one changed the game like Rossi.
Yep exactly. As always it's different eras and different tech so it's hard to call the absolute GOAT, but Rossi's career has spanned the 2 strokes before traction control and electronics and every other change that has come. His battles on track have been monumental. From Biaggi punching him as a kid to Stoner telling him his ambition outweighed his talent after the Laguna Seca battle. Awesome stuff.

Marc is awesome and nobody could fail to be impressed but he messed with a championship that wasn't his just to make one less he needs to win to beat Rossi's record. I'll not forget that but I will enjoy his racing.

For anyone interested there are usually documentaries available on Netflix covering Moto gp. Feature length and worth a watch. What these guys do on bikes is mind bending.
The 3 documentaries are called Fast, Faster and Fastest.
I'm not even into bikes and these guys just amaze me. Mesmerising Mr Rossi especially how friendly he is with his young proteges. Literally coolest guy on planet
I agree with the sentiments expressed already.

I was a club racer for years and this small insight helps me appreciate how incredible the man and his achievements have been.
Before I even clicked the link I knew one of them would be against Stoner at LS.

When I saw that at the time it was just jaw dropping. So much so that I could play most of it back in my minds eye for a while.

pleased he's moving to his next chapter. I think he'll do some car racing too soon enough.

Legend. Real fella. Like McPint too.
A sad day but it had to come eventually!

An absolute legend, a massive character and for me, no question, the GOAT! Have been watching MotoGP and previously the 500 GP class since my mid teens and with the exception of the Foggy era in WSB, there isn't a motorsport that comes close to the excitement and interest and Rossi has brought another level of entertainment!

He will be sorely missed on the track but it's great that he is staying in the sport :thumb:
Yep I agree with all the above.
I'll miss his interviews as well as his racing. He's always honest about how things are going. When he's up, everyone is up and no interviewer has a bad thing to say about him.
I hope Suzi Perry gets to do the interview for BT Sport as she used to be on the GP team 20 years ago and they always have a laugh. Would be nice for Suzi and Rossi to have the chat about it. Plenty of time anyway, as there's still the rest of the season to go but no doubt there'll be a segment on it this weekend.

Regarding the car racing he won his class and came 3rd overall in the Gulf 12 hour race a couple of years ago sharing the driving with best mate Uccio and also his half brother and Team VR46 rider Luca Marini.


Is fans will all have see this one too, but worth a link. Rossi and Hamilton swap vehicles.


Couple more pics because why not -

The man is a god. He is to bike racing what blokes like Moss and Senna were to F1. At least he has ended his career comparatively intact
Absolute legend. I didn't get into bikes because of Rossi but watching him in his prime pomp was certainly a draw.

A wonderful entertainer and huge talent. Will miss him.
I too got into bikes about 2000 and raced a little so have some appreciation for the talent these guys have.

I saw him take him maiden 500 win at Donnington along with many others, also went to Mugello to see him win which was an experience and a half.

He was at the time just having a laugh and different to the other serious folks at the time. Can't say I've watched the racing in the last few years as moved away from bikes but from what I've heard it's a good decision. At least he will get to hear people wax lyrically about him when he is still alive unlike many other racers.

Have this picture on my home office wall.


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