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Urgent query - specialist warranty

John Ware

New member
3 Oct 2004
I'm picking up a 2001 C4 Cab this week from a specialist and following numerous advice, I want to get it inspected first. However, I want it done by the local OPC (their 87 point check) but the specialist doesn't have time to take the car there himself, as he's a one man band, won't let me do it in case I drive off with the thing and the OPC people will only do the checks on their premises. The specialist is more than happy to have any inspection done on the car, only it must be at his premises, which has ramps, etc available. What I want, as well as the general once over, is to have the car hooked up to the telemetry to tell me whether it's been thrashed.

If I buy the car and then take it to the OPC for it's check, what rights do I have to get any repairs necessary (I can't imagine there'll be any, but just in case) paid for by the specialist based on the legally required 3 month warranty?


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I doubt you'll have any comeback unless there's an agreement before hand. Howabout getting other specialist who does visiting PPI instead?

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I'll probably end up doing that in fact, Peter Morgan seems to have a good reputation. I'd be surprised if he'd have the appropriate diagnostic stuff with him though. How necessary is that in fact, if the rest of the inspection checks out ok?

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To be honest, it's the present condition that matters. If the car was well looked after, it can be thrashed to an inch of it's life and it'll ask for more! It's built for it! If it wasn't looked after well and serviced regularly, it'll cause problem at some point. A lot of the time even inspection can't garrentee there'll be no problem. eg you can't tell about internal engine damage if the car was starved of oil at some point in the past. A good inspection will however give you a clue, then cross your fingers and hope for the best, enjoy the car to the max!! :D

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It's got a full dealer history (AFN) and not much over 20000 miles on a 3 and a bit year old car so I'm hopeful. Looks honest enough and doesn't appear to have been driven into anything solid. :wink:

Very few stone chips either so it's been looked after. Anything other than a 911, I probably wouldn't bat an eyelid but >£40k is a lot to commit....

I know an inspection has no guarantees attached but it would help my peace of mind!

Many thanks for your advice.

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Best of luck. Keep visiting this site!

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Buy the car on the understanding it passes a Porsche 87 point check,

get the dealer to write a note to that effect on the sales invoice

take it straight to porsche get the check done, If it passes you can put a Porsche warranty on the car for £725

Or meet the dealer with your bank draft at the Porsche Dealer to hand over the draft after the check

If the dealers reputable it won't be a problem, if it is then whats he got to hide?

mark Pearce

the low mileage porsche specialist

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