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Urgent - Can any UK 993 owners help me?

15 Jun 2003
I have an LHD 993 which has just undergone an MoT test. A few very small things came up but the one problem item is that my car still has LHD lights!I do a lot of my driving on the continent, so I would rather keep my existing HID converted LHD lights. I can always flick the switches in them to give me a RHD-safe pattern but this doesn't seem to be enough for the MoT man. And a new pair of RHD lights will set me back £900!The favour I need is this: if anyone is very close to the East London area, it would be a huge help if they could somehow lend me a pair of RHD lights just for the MoT retest. (If you haven't removed these lights before, it is incredible quick and easy.) It could even be done at the MoT test centre, in which case it might only take 20 minutes.Alternatively, knowing my predicament, can anyone suggest another solution?

EDIT: p.s. did I mention that there would be a bottle of Scotch/equivalent in this for the lucky volunteer? :D

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I would if I lived closer (I'm in Sussex), and I did once remove the lights (you're right, it's very easy) on my new (to me) 993 to see if I could switch the beams over to LHD for a continental trip but couldn't move the switch that, according to the manual, is supposed to do the trick. Is there somethig I'm missing?

PS: Sorry -- I don't mean to hi-jack your thread!

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Manek, thanks for the thought anyway :) I am not sure of the exact location of the car. I originally took it to Colchester Porsche but I believe the car has been taken to their 'other branch' in East London somewhere, hence my vaguness. I will call them in the morning to confirm.

I am not exactly sure what you mean when you say that you wanted to "remove the lights ... on my ... 993 to see if I could switch the beams over to LHD for a continental trip ". You do not have to remove the lights, merely move a switch as indicated in the owner's manual while the lights are still intact. The only reason to remove lights would be (in your case) to swap them with a pair of LHD lights.

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I'll take another look -- I go the impression the units had to be removed to switch them over. Thanks for the help!

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Having said what I did, I haven't actually tried this feature yet! It was just my impression from reading the manual cover to cover a few months ago. Please check with the manual - I wouldn't want to mislead anyone.

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There was one expensive item in the MoT - new handbrake shoes. I was charged £460 for parts and labour. Does that seem right? I was a bit shocked... :eek:

EDIT: I just called two independents and was quoted 163+vat by one, and 170+vat by the other! It seems that this OPC is really trying it on... To make it worse, they proceeded with the job without giving me the quote first, which I asked for. I will be talking to their manager today...

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