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unleaded or leaded

Barrie Davies

New member
13 Oct 2004
Do all you SC guys run your cars on unleaded only?

I ask because I raised an issue regarding suitability of certain engine oil and fuel additives hoping that the reponse would be that they would benifit the engine.

I have been advised that that are not as good as the adds suggest ant to stay well clear

The other comment was to frequently us leaded fuel as it would assist in cleaning and protecting vital parts.

I was advised by a so called expert to use unleaded always, Please drop me a line

regards to all

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I always put super unleaded in my SC, preferrably BP ultimate because the car seams to run better on it. In the history file that came with the car there is a print out that states you should fill up with leaded every fourth tank, i have never done this though as you obviously can't get leaded fuel anymore. Every report i read in magazines or on the web seems to say something different.

It's going to Camtune on tuesday for a tune up because it's running a bit lumpy so i'll ask the guys down there what they reccomend and put a post up on wednesday.

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Unleaded's fine, and our unleaded is of a higher RON than the stuff 911s have been run on in the US for years, although US spec motors have a lower CR to take this into account. This is obviously for pre-detonation issues as 911's have always had hardened valve seats so valve seat recession (which older UK cars have suffered from) is not an issue when using lead free in 911's

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Many thanks for you help, much appreciated

I have one more query this being on wheel sizes, having just purchased a pair of 8'x 16' fuchs for the rears, would it be better to keep the 6' on the front or fit the 7'

The body is SC and I have been told that fitting 7' on the fronts may rub the front fenders in full lock?

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I have alway used Shell Optimax in mine, but may try the BP alternative having read this post. I have 7 & 8' s on my SC and have had no issues with the fronts catching.

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