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Unichip - experiences?

15 Jun 2003
The Unichip (ECU piggyback computer) seems like a much better idea than a standard ECU chip, for the following reasons:

- generic (fits into almost any other car, so you can transfer it to the next car, and so on)

- equivalent price

- higher gains than chips

- air and fuel maps are customised on your individual car with whatever mods you may have, on the dyno, running your normal grade of petrol

Has anyone tried this modification? Please share the results! I did a search for Unichip but found nothing.

Also, the one small drawback of a Unichip is the need to splice into the ECU cabling. Has anyone found a way around this? Perhaps creating a short ECU extension lead which you splice into instead?

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I have had a fair bit of experience with Unichip in Aus, and in fact still have mine. I originally had one fitted as part of lots of mods to a Subaru WRX, and it was a top piece of kit. When I changed the Scooby for a 993, I had the Unichip fitted on a full rolling road in Melbourne by the same chaps who did the Scooby and who know Porkers just as well. I think I still have the dyno chart before and after, but in short, the Unichip made very little difference. I would say that BHP increased about 2-3 and likewise torque. Put it this way, driving it with and without I couldn't tell any difference at all. Of course, much of it is down to the tuner and the tolerances they allow themselves but I trusted these guys and if that was the best, than that was the best. The place where i know the chaps is
Do some searching - they do a lot of good stuff.


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