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Tyres and Brakes help!


New member
23 Jun 2004
I have a couple of questions for any of you out there in the know.

The first one is relating to tyres and tyres sizes.
I'm running a 1996 993 C2S with 18" Turbo wheels. On the rears are 265/35/18's but I've just checked out the Goodyear website and it tells me that for my wheels I should be running 285/30/18's. I know one of the reasons is that the turbo is wide bodied but I'd heard that the C2S was also.............is this right?
I know as I look at the tyres that are on at the moment there's a good inch(maybe) of wheel arch before it becomes level with the current tyres.

The second problem I have is the brakes.
I don't drive the car everyday and unfortunately it has to be left out in all weather conditions (don't hate me!.......too many bikes in the garage!) and as a result I notice the discs pick up a bit of surface rust. If I've not been out for a few days and then go out for a spin, the brakes are juddering at low speeds - the steering wheel also - but braking from high speeds is usually OK. The car had new pads/discs 10K ago. What dya think it could be?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Don't know about tyre sizes........, but it is very common for drilled disks to rapidly corrode especially if left outside, or when car is washed and not driven immediatley afterwards to dry off the brakes.

This causes high spots on the disks (especially where the pads were resting) and hence juddering at low speeds. The cheapest fix is to "clean-up" the disks by doing a few Emergency Stops from a good high speed. If that doesn't work they may need skimming.

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Agree with Vic

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....find approved tyre sizes on this link -


I think you'll find that the rolling circumference is the same whether you take the 285 30 or 265 35 sizes...

I'm not sure but maybe a car cover will help the rust??


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Cheers fellas!

I'll try it tonight.

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stick with the 35 profile if you can.... as down at 30 you might as well be running with metal rims !

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Tyres - I have a 993 C2S with 18" Turbos - The sticker is inside the door for it - we already have a posting for pressures that will clarify this. If you go to :


you will see the photo I took of it and no mention of 265's on the rear.

The "s" is the Turbo body so it also makes sense that they have 285's on the 18" wheels.

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There was a period of time last yr when I didn't get to drive my car much, and it had to stay outside. The brakes got quite rusty and every time I drove it, it needed a bit of a jolt to get it going. After a while the brakes began to shake. I thought I needed to change the discs 'cos of warp. The problem sorted itself out after a track day when I used it quite hard (I thought if I had to change the discs I might as well get the last ounce out of it!). Now it brakes beautifully with no shake/judder. The problem was not warped discs but uneven amount of brake material on the discs, where you have patches of it having more grip than the other. Take you car out for an "Itallian tune up" and it'll do your engine and brakes some good. Don't forget to switch the AC on as well to keep it healthy.

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