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Tyre Recommendations


16 Jun 2003
Can anyone suggest a tyre that they are happy with on their Porsche. I currently have Bridgestone SO2's on my 993 Turbo, but all four need changing. I have been reasonably happy with the SO2's but feel it could be time for a change of brand. I have seen from previous posts that P-zero's and Conti's seem popular.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Contisports seem to be the current favourite. I'm having all four fitted today at the Guildford Tyre Centre. Currently have P-Zeros looking rather tired and badly cracked so the difference should be very noticeable. I'll let you know how I get on.

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I use Conti's and they pretty good.

Peter Topping did a nice write up a few months back about the different types of tyres and there pro's and con's. I think that the conti's were seen as a "cheaper" brand but good at everything.

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Concur with JamesM and admin. I've always used Conti's as they seem a very good allround performer. P 0's seemed a bit skittish in wet conditions.

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We've got SO2s, and will be sticking with bridgestone when it comes for tyre changing!

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heres an email quote that I got from Black Circles through Pistonheads for a set of rears for my 993

ProductQuantityPrice ( inc VAT)Total ( inc VAT)

Kumho ECSTA 712 265/35 R18 Z £113.73
Falken GRB FK 451 265/35 R18 Z £141.99
Kleber DYNAXER 265/35 R18 Z £156.75
Toyo PROXES T1S (WR) 265/35 R18 Z £158.47
Goodyear EAGLE F1 GSD3 265/35 R18 Z £178.95
Pirelli PZERO ROSSO N4 265/35 R18 Z £179.63
Bridgestone S03 265/35 R18 Z £185.04
Dunlop SP 9000 265/35 R18 Z £186.39
Michelin Pilot Sport 2 XL 265/35 R18 Y £213.65
Michelin PILOT SPORT 265/35 R18 Z £215.24
Delivery 9.40

I need to get new tyres soon and really don't know whether to go for a cheaper brand, seeing as I'll be abusing them on track anyway. For the money the Kumho's are pretty good value, not sure about performance though. However do I really give it enough stick to use all the grip that the Michelins offer?

The saving with the Kumho's over the Pilot Sports will equate to nearly £400 for a full set! That'll pay for 2 trackdays with Sean!

Edited: Phil, how much were the Conti's, as they are not on my list?

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Poon, you have to remember the tyres are the bit of the car which connect it with the road. It's no good having 300hp with tyres that cannot handle the performance, so I wouldn't buy a cheapy set, don't want them messing up on a track.

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You say cheap Noony, but I have been on at least 4 corporate track days driving anything from a Lotus Elise, 944 Cup Car, Ferrari's, Dodge Viper, 996 etc. And they all used either Kumho's or Toyo's!

They seemed to work well enough!

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Ok then. But a few extra quid is surely worth the decreased risk of a pricey prang!

Did you like that alliteration? :wink:

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Well, they're on, not without difficulty though! Couldn't find the locking wheel nut key anywhere, not even sure if I received it when I bought the car, anyway, took it to AFN first who removed the locking wheel nuts, I then had the tyres fitted down the road and returned to AFN to have the nuts refitted. New key on the way! The parts guy at
(Paul I think) was very helpful indeed, so five stars for AFN Guildford on this occasion.

As for the Contisports, the car is noticeably better, even without them being run-in yet, very stable on the A3 at XXX mph.

Poon - I also noticed Black Circles didn't list them - total cost at Guildford Tyre Centre was £558.71.

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so come on Phil, how much?

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