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Tyre Life

Pete Harris

Active member
8 Mar 2004
Hi Guys.

Got a temporary repair done on the rear tyre (turns out to be a large stone through the carcass) until I can order a new set of boots.

My question is

How long should a set of tyres last? Will the front tyres need replacing less than the rears?

One previous posts suggested 3k for Pirelli, 4-5k for michelin and 6+K for Conti sports. I was hoping they'd last longer than my motorbike tyes especially considering they manage a couple of track days as well...

My thinking is whether I can replace just the rears. I was on Dunlop Sport Maxx and they're at 3mm or so after 7.5k miles (haven't checked the fronts yet).

However I think they're not N rated (car came from dealer this way) so should probably swap them out anyway.



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What car is it? If it's 993 then you could use 2 sets of rear for each set of front. Depends on how you drive, the rear last 8-10k miles on mine, and that's with a few trackdays as well. I had been changing all 4 corners at the same time even if there's still some life left in the front ones, only because I changed brands in the last few changes.

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Until I recently upgraded to 18", I was still on my original front tyres at 23,500 miles!.

This was a bit worrying when I found out about the 6 year tyre age rule.

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I have a 996 C2. Mostly rack up motorway mileage and about 10% 'spirited' driving. A friend running a 993 reckoned he got 12k out of his tyres.


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12k is about right for the rears for a combi of driving, how Mark had 23k miles from his is a miracle.


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Really depends on your style of driving and also what type of tyres you have. Conti's will last but are crap.

I just changed mine and had about 5mm left on the fronts but the rears were very close to being illegal, which explained the swirmy feel I had when it was wet. ooh err missus :D

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just changed my SO2's on the back.....10,000 miles of pretty spirited driving (but only £240 for the pair from Micheldever which was great)

Can't recommend them enough....


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Shed17 - why did you think the Conti's were crap?

Currently thinking about the bridgestones. Kwik-fit not selling them though so it's either michelin (bit rich), dunlop, pirelli or Contis unless I can find another convenient place near me (E1).

Anyone know a bridgestone tyre retailer in London?



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Conti Sport Contact 1s aren't that good, but the current CSC 2s are superb.

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There road holding is lamentable, especially in the wet. It would not surprise me that the majority of owners who suddenly lose it have the conti's on their car when not pushing hard.

They are hard wearing, which then takes me back to my original point!

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I've got Pirelli Zero Rossos on my 996 - it's done 19k but I believe they are still the originals but not 100% sure as I only bought the car 3 weeks ago. They have about 4mm left which fits in with the dealer saying tyre life should be 18-20k. All the reports say they are a top tyre handling wise both in the wet and dry.

but not sure if they are made in a size that fits the 993?!

ps has anyone any experience of the Pirelli Performance Centres - Evo was raving about one in Cambridge but that could be sponsorship hype :?

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Interesting comment on the Contis. The two occasions since I have had my car when the back end went walkies were on Pirellis. I had Contis fitted earlier this year and so far they have not given me any cause for concern.

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I've got through 3 sets of Conti's (1 & 2) all have lasted between 7-8k for the rears and 8-10k for the fronts. Not that good by the experiance of others here, but no complaints on the grip levels (except on track use). Might try the Pirelli Zero Rosso's next tho.

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