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Two shout-outs re my 997!

Seventy Seven

17 Sep 2009
So as most of you know, I ended up (pure kismet I reckon) purchasing my lovely 997 from Mark Pearce at Stirlings.

The experience has been the best I have ever come across and the after sales, well probably even better than the sales part!

The car was brilliantly prepared and Mark's 'attitude and approach' just cannot be faulted. I was stumped when we agreed the sale and I offered to pay a deposit, to which Mark replied 'No need, that's not how I do business'..... absolutely amazing!

Unfortunately, during delivery transit, it picked up a few stone chips (nose and door). Whilst this was disappointing, Mark was quick to reassure me that it will be sorted by whichever means was necessary. Just as I was during the sales process, I somehow knew Mark was being genuine and that I had nothing to worry about.

We both agreed that this would best be dealt with buy an experienced detailer, rather than any sort of re-spray, given the size of the chips.

Following an initial attempt (let's put that down to mis-communication, but i was surprised by the workmanship by this company I visited), Mark arranged for me to go along to a relatively nearby business called Simon Furlonger in Kent.

Wow! What a selection of cars they have - check out their website. I have never seen a collection of rare, collectible and newer cars in one place. Ok, mostly were Ferrari's, but .... Wow!

Anyway, as you'll see from their website, they do sales, service, detailing, etc. Having already spoken to Matt and Peter a week or so ago, when I arrived they were ready, prepared and sooooo welcoming. After a chat about the work to be done on my car, we discussed their stock and Peter's cars, I got a look around the showroom which happened to include 2 F40s!

Whilst I did some work on my laptop, Peter carefully completed the touch-up and all important subsequent detailing (wet, flat, polish.... Or something like that), so that the chips are far less visible. I always knew that they would not fully disappear and can probably only notice them now as I know they were there.

Very pleased with both outfits and the way 'they choose' to do business! Personal touch all the way.
That's excellent congratulations. I must say while I am 100% happy with my car I would have liked to have started off my ownership in the same way you have.

Also good to know where to go when I need touch-ups done on mine.

What form of delivery transit would result in some stone chips? Was it driven by road and who was liable?

Glad to hear Stirling's sorted you out :thumb:
Driven. Hence sorted.
The dealer i bought mine from was a twat, the sales man was a liar. I did all the work because the car was the one i wanted, i had to organise the 111 at the nearest opc and pay for the bits and bobs .
As soon as it was mine i made the most of my rights and got all the money back i had spent, which made me very happy to get one ( or two ) over the pair of pretentious twats.
Oh how i wish i could of had a great buying experience like you.
Any chance of naming the first detailer who had a go? I'm looking to get my car detailed after it's service, and want to make a note to avoid this person.


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