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Turbo spoilers - yes or no?


New member
30 Dec 2003
So what do you reckon? (on a non-Turbo that is, obviously):

1. Yep, love them, they really complete the look of the car, or;

2. Nope, hate them, they look like they belong in the 1980's.

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1 also

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A definite 2 from me (well I would say that, having removed the spoiler from my 3.2 !)

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No No no no no - I can't stand cars which are made up to look like something they're not. Clean lines all the way, a turbo spoiler is OK on a turbo, but thats it, in my view putting one on is no better than the charvers who put spoilers and side skirts on their BMW 318, and de-badging it because they think it will look like an M3.

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I agree with Adom - its not a turbo so don't try and make it look like one


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2 for me

Grew up loving it. Maturity has set in, and I think it looks like a slightly poor showing, but that's as I talk out of the side of my mouth with pipe showing, leather patches on arms and whippets running round t' ankles!


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OK, 4-2 in favour of "no thanks" at the moment.

Me? mmm, difficult, hence the question. Was initially well against them, but they are s l o w l y growing on me, but still probably a "no".

Always been a fan of clean lines myself, so if I have to vote it would be "no".

So that's 5-2! Any more voters out there?

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oops, wrote my post as Andy was writing his. So that's now 6-2 in favour of "option 2".

Looks like they are picnic tables / 80's throwback / chav-chariot material after all (only joking folks!).

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2 for me. Different story if you had a wide body car C2s or 4s with a turbo rear spoiler though. Narrow body cars with turbo spoilers look a bit odd IMO.

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2 - my view is : no Turbo then no Turbo Spoiler

I like the smooth lines and agree about narrow bodied cars with spoilers.

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Just to muddy the waters a little. Having ditched the whaletail on the 3.2 I have been thinking about replacing it with a '73 RS style 'duck tail'. I would not wish to pass my car off as a '73 RS, (not that there's anything wrong with RS replicas) but the duck tail would offer some aerodynamic benefit in a rather more subtle and aesthetically pleasing way than the whaletail.

Comments / thoughts welcome .......


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mmmm I like the duck tail on the RS..... and agree with your thinking but I have only seen it on a RS and in white so not sure about that one ???

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