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turbo S or 993tt


30 Nov 2002
If there wa a choice to make which of these two cars would be the preffered choice and why? I am looking replace a 993tt..


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I understand that Turbo S's are extremely rare and are an almost "RS" version of the Turbo. From the little I know about them I would say this is the one to go for. What a nice choice though!

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Thanks James, I wrote earlier ref a gearbox issue which I rejected the car for. I've been offered an S for more money and am trying to fathom out if it really is worthwhile in UK......anybody else any thoughts?

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Dovski. It is funny about the Turbo S. I am sure I read something about them somewhere, but looking through my books at home I couldn't find a single reference. Do you know what the specs are on the car?

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Yes James, 450hp, adjustable suspension, strut brace, carbon dash-doorpanels, etc, turbo-s carpet set and kick plates etc,

Since I wrote this I've driven the car and it rides harder and follows camber more viciously than the standard car, something my other half would have difficulty with...:-(

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Here is what I know about the Turbo S:

450HP at 6000Rpm585 NM at 4500Rpmthe turbos are K24

there are air intakes on the rear wings, the brake callipers are yellow, the exaust pipe has 4 exits,and the front spoilers is more "open".

I believe there were only 120 cars sell on the market with full "S" options

series Nr: 99WS370001-99WS370800

This was the most powerfull Porsche with an air cooled engine.(Not talking about the special kits )

Happy New Year !


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