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Turbo brakes for road and track


29 May 2013
I have searched the forum as I am sure this will have been asked before but as yet I haven't found my answer...

I am going on track again next year, I want a brake set up which will work well for the track (very rare track use) and remain quiet on the road.

I'm seemingly one of the few who is content with the standard brakes for normal road use, as long as I hit them hard I find there's plenty of braking force. On track though the standard pads don't last.

Please recommend away...
A setup or pads?

I think most track pads squeal I just use DS2500 for the road, but I'm not sure how they will fare on track.

Setup wise, the GT3 six pots were a huge difference to feel with no peddle change.

I've gone for girodiscs all round, but only because I got them for a deal I couldn't turn down, but if I was paying full price, I'd be all over the 362mm uber 9 discs from fearnsport.
You'd need the 6-pot calipers for the 362mm discs. 330mm is all you can easily fit on the 4-pot equiped car.

You could try the Pagid RSC2 pad which is a medium compound pad and more "road-friendly" than the usual RSL29 track pad we sell. You need 2474 (F) and 2405 (R)
Sorry, to clarify:

I am happy with the standard brake calipers. I would like recommendations for pads/discs and pads.
alcarmichael said:
Sorry, to clarify:

I am happy with the standard brake calipers. I would like recommendations for pads/discs and pads.

I did recommend pads - Pagid RSC2. The standard discs are fine for the occasional trackday.
Yes you did, thank you :)

The clarification was in response to Sim's question.
Apols for jumping in here but I'd like to ask Nick for a bit of clarity on his advice. I too am currently looking at options for my 996 Turbo as I have GT3 callipers and RS29 pads; they work very well but most of my driving is on the road and whilst I don't mind a bit of squeal here and there (shows they're working!), the brake dust that comes off them is a bit of a pain.

I looked up the RSC2 pads you suggested but they're listed for carbon ceramic discs. Are they ok to use on steel discs...?

No need to apologise, I was wondering the same thing!

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