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TT oil cooler - is this normal?


22 Aug 2006
I have noticed there is an oil cooler mounted behind the front n/s grill in the bumper of my TT. It is fed by thick rubber pipes that run straight along the front, behind the grills and then snake up and disappear behind the sideways mounted oil cooler at o/s front. For some reason i thought there was only the one oil cooler (the latter one) on the TT - so finding another was not what i expected. Any thoughts?

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The additional oil cooler makes up part of the power upgrade kits, 430bhp and 450bhp. Have a look at the options and paperwork on your car. Sometimes they have been retro fitted by previous owners, as is the case with my car.

The ECU is also changed along with the fitting of the oil cooler for the 430 and 450 kit, if you have the 450 version you will have the larger turbos and the twin pipe exhaust tips come with this also.

Always a nice find!

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Hi perry - thanks for the reply.

There's nothing in the paperwork or options list that suggests this, but the single exhaust tips are the sports tailpipe set 993 111 981/2 00, rather than the standard items. When i bought the car they did not mention that it was anything other than a standard car - plus there is nothing 'interesting' on the bonnet sticker. Are you sure this oil cooler is not just standard kit?

Here's a couple of pics:



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Hi Tim,

I've scanned the page from the 993 tequipment brochure, the stainless tail pipes are part of the 430 kit also, the only way to really check is to take a look at the part number on the ECU. Think the part number is 993 618 681 85, if you don't have the drive block, 993 618 682 85 if you do.



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Yee ha!!!!!!! She's got the 430hp upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :) :D

I just checked the ECU (thanks perry!!) and it's labelled:

993 618 681 85

06 0198 20.12.96

I guess the latter is the date it was made or fitted - some 16 months or so after the car was 1st registered. Maybe the big oval exhaust ends went on at the same time.

I'm sure this was not noted by the dealer, as they had a 430hp car in at the time as well, which was listed as such. Maybe they only focus on the options listed on the bonnet sticker?

What an unexpected surprise for a Sunday evening :D

(perry - thanks also for posting that page from the catalogue)

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result !

great info there Perry !

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your welcome.....

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noticed a slight mod to your signature!

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didn't think anyone would notice perry... :oops:

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We need to stick together, safety in numbers, what with all this talk of smtk selling his TT!

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agreed perry, mines a keeper - i shall not desert my fellow 993 comrades

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