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Trip computer


21 Apr 2003
Stupid question time...

My 993 is a German import (5 years ago) and is fitted with the trip computer in the tach. It's all in KMs as is the speedo - obviously I have to swap the speedo out for a MPH one but the computer... can that be reprogrammed? I'm figuring that the readout "KM" is fixed and a whole new unit would be needed?

Like I said.. stupid question!

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I work with quite a bunch of euro-johnny foreigners, a lot of which have imported cars from france (euchhh!!!) and germany (top blokes!!).

Not one of them have converted speedos to MPH. Concensus amongst them seems to be that DVLA say that you should, if you follow the letter of the law of the book of rules. However, if the local MOT centre do not treat it as an issue, then why go through the hassle? . My C2 is a german import and I think it has at least 2 MOT's and my speedo is still KPH. One fella was forced to do it because his VW was not a spec sold in the UK, and therefore part of his import was a SVA (single vehicle approval). The following links have all the details and it looks like there's a bit of a 'grey area' between CoC and future Mot's. I imported my previous 964 from switzerland. Certificate of Conformity was supplied by Porsche A.G. without my having to change the speedo.



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Hmm.. well mine has several MOTs with the KPH speedo and I'm quite happy with it - just wondered.

I'll leave it as is (it's kinda cool that way!) :)

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Yours is a manual, I thought that trip computers only came on tiptronic cars?

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Maybe... I don't know! Mine has the computer though - although it's all in KMs so I'm not sure what half of the functions are trying to tell me (I understand speed and fuel left but the other 2 don't make much sense... kms to the gallon/litre perhaps?)

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Yeah, its fuel consumption.

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My Dads 996 C4 has been doing 13.6mpg!

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