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Trigger pulled at last.... 1985 3.2 Carrera

18 Mar 2013
After driving Zingari mad with requests for buying advice, now I can drive you all mad with questions about how to fix it...




The colour coded Fuch wheels :worship:
Thankyou, It floated my boat when I first saw it at the start of my search, and I kept revisiting the ad. The seller rang me when I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way home from viewing it.

Deposit taken over the phone by card, the most money Ive ever spent while driving.

Hopefully, I mean advice on how to maintain it, rather than fix it. :)
Stutts is your man for 3.2 advice :thumb: So you bought it then and obviously better than the 'specimen' we went to see :grin:

Lovely looking 3.2

Sure I have a 993 now but the Impact bumper cars are THE image that springs to peoples minds when you say 'Porsche 911'. No amount of time will change that, cars like the 964 and 993 will be 40 years old, but the impact bumper and early chrome bumper/wrap round indicator cars will still be THE cars people want. I'd pull up and park in a row of fifty 993 and 964 cars and still walk over to look at a nice 930 without turning to look behind me...

Awesome colour, I like it!!

Love the look Love the colour SNAP :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:


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My wife's been telling people I've bought her a blue car, I told her I'd bought one that colour (Iris Blue) because it matches the colour of her eyes.

She almost believes me.

My mate Duncan Disorderly had an IB 911 for years. He says the brakes feeling like a block of wood is par for the course.
:dont know: Is there a servo? When I used to race classic bikes, the brakes only worked properly when they were up to temperature, are these brakes the same? The car has stood for a while, Maybe the discs will clean up with use.

I've been spoiled by years of ABS Waftomatic Mercs, including a CL500 which cost someone £85K once, had an alloy body and a 5 litre V8, but of course did sod all to the gallon. The traction control worked so well, I never got to drive it properly, I once sailed past a 911 stuck in the snow, but it wouldn't let you let it all hang out.

I did have several V6 Capris when I was younger, which definitely made you concentrate while driving.They understeered into the bend, then oversteered out. Fishtailing them in all weathers was hilarious though, especially when I could only afford 2 decent tyres at once, which went on the front to keep me out of the scenery.

Ironic that people are telling me to keep the 911 tank half full to avoid understeer, with the V6 Capris it was a paving stone or bag of cement in the back to keep the oversteer in check. Apparently the police left the spare behind and filled the well with concrete.


Beautiful Carrera! Enjoy! 8)
Enjoy, I am a whole 7 weeks into 911 ownership and am loving it!

Where do you live? Its donington Historic next weekend, celebrating the 911's 50th birthday

Cheers Drinky
Can't beat those 3.2's fella


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Drinky said:
Where do you live? Its donington Historic next weekend, celebrating the 911's 50th birthday

I'm in exotic Stalybridge (aka Stalyvegas).

I'm going to Donington on the Saturday, but in a mate's Volvo 7 seater monster, there's a bunch of us. I want to make the FOS too, but can't do the Silverstone Classic, as I'm rostered as loco crew on a steam engine that weekend.

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