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Trickle charger


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21 Jan 2009
Moved house and finally got a nice warm garage for my baby. Can anyone recommend me a decent trickle charger ? Thx.
Ctek3600 has been on mine for years Richy never had an issue it also comes with hard-wire kit :thumb:
I bought a cheapo Halfords own brand battery conditioner a few years ago, and havn't had any problems with it at all.

It even bought my 4.0 Jeep battery back to life - and it's a really knackered original battery, 13 years old now.
Ctek MXS 5.0 would be an ideal charger. Use with a comfort connect eyelet permanently attached to the battery and you can just plug it in as and when required.

http://www.ctek.com/au/en/chargers/MXS 5.0

The Official Porsche charger is a rebadged Ctek 3600 with a cigar lighter plug but you will need a permenant live to the socket.
Richyd said:
I bought a cheapo Halfords own brand battery conditioner a few years ago, and havn't had any problems with it at all.

+1 :thumb:
I've picked up a couple in Lidls after someone said they were pretty good, they are much the same as the porsche one or the mid range ctek ones, come with a 3 year warranty for around a tenner and can be hard wired :)

MXS5.0 or MXS3.6 (the latter as sold by Porsche as the official "Charg-o-mat")
I use an ultimate from my motorbiking days.I also got a couple of the lidl ones for other things.
Hey Jacks, congrats on new house, and more importantly snug garage!

First job, get store of ale and wine for garage shelves!

Re maintainer, I've had an optimate running pretty much non stop for 6 years without a spot of bother, so have to recommend them.
However, the cteks and indeed the lidls own seem to also be very reliable so it's a bit of a toss up really!

Btw.. Ttiu .. Etc!!


porsche one on the 997 , cteck on the mower and a lidls one on the quad . all working well. :thumbs:
Hi all,

MXS5.0 on Amazon for £51 inc VAT and delivery which seems a tenner or so lower than usual. Ordered on Saturday and arrived yesterday. The description on Amazon in terms of what you get doesn't do it justice, it is brand new. boxed with croc clips and eyelet connector, with the nylon bag. Will be plugging it into the the sluggish sounding under used 997 this weekend.

Just thought it might be worth posting for those looking at these chargers.
I use a CTEK MXS3.6 on the porker, ULTIMATE's on my other vehicles, either of those types would do the job.
Having tried in the past a cheaper one in the end I bought the MXS5.0. And what a difference.. The charger is fantastic and although I do not connect it all the time while the car is in the garage (too lazy to do so) every few weeks I connect it for a nice overnight charge. The battery since I have started doing it that is much happier even with the cold temp we have now.

I would say do not waste either money or time. the CTEK is by far the better one. Either the 3.6 or 5.0 will do an excellent job but the price difference between them is so small if you shop around that the MXS5.0 looks an attractive option


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