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Traffic Message Channel PCM2


20 Sep 2004
Does anyone know if you can get the TMC to work on the pcm2? I understand it works in the 997 (thanks total911) and in my manual it says that my system has it but the option it doesn't show up on the screen. Origionally I thought that the TMC wasn't available in England but it clearly must be now!?

Anyone have any ideas??

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I'm not certain of the equipment that you have, but I understand that there are two operators of the TMC in the UK - ITIS and TrafficMaster.

Both operate their own networks for data collection (ITIS is from lorries/coaches, and TrafficMaster have their ANPR/presence cameras) and supplement this with data from control rooms operated by Highways Agency, Police, Local Authorities, etc. Same sources that Sally Traffic uses basically.

More info can be found here at

Not certain of the quality of the info provided. Would be interesting to hear from others if they use the service to change routes.

I've just driven down to London from NW, and I often make a decision to drop off the M6 and go via Stoke to join the M1 earlier. Basically flip a coin!

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Thanks for that.

Just checked out that site and it would seem that it is compatible with the porsche PCM. The ony thing is the subscription for 2005 is £2800!! :eek:

I can't believe anybody would pay this so how do all these other cars have it?

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Assuming your system has the hardware to pick up the signals (piggyubacked via Classic FM), then its down to the codes on the disc. For example, my 2003 BMW 330Ci had tmc which didn't initially work. I bought a BMW 7 series sat-nav disc, and hey presto it worked. Cost me £90 for the new disc.

I'd suspect therefore just wait for the new disc to come out- you certainly wont have to shell out £2k.

It works very well on the whole, but how your car routes round probs is down to the cars nav system rather than the TMC software.

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