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Tractive Suspension

The difficulties you've mentioned with our UK roads, the state they are in and the various traffic calming measures, is certainly driving a lot of people to contemplate a suspension change, rather than changing a vehicle you are otherwise happy with.

TracTive is excellent and having had the system installed on my 991 a few weeks back, I would highly recommend it for a PASM car and it can (as you say) be retrofitted to NON- PASM cars as well.

Whilst I'm now a firm supporter of TracTive's semi-active system and the capabilities it offers, it might not suit everyone. In the case of your 996 and taking on-board your other comments, I'd also suggest you investigate another option: Center Gravity have been developing a CGGT kit for the 996, specifically to meet the kind of requirements you're talking of and whilst I don't know much about it (because it was never of use to me), I'd definitely enquire with them whether they can offer suitable spring rates/valving for a GT3.

Money saved from not retrofitting PASM, might then be used towards FAL instead - CG might have their own solution for that as well.

Give the guys at Center Gravity a ring and they can advise whether TracTive or their kit would be right for you and quote accordingly.

Let us know how you get on

The problem you have sounds the reason I went the Tractive route with my
996.2, Rubbish roads and Wife that hates the car!
If you are down south you can come out in mine and see exactly what you are getting, but I still find mine quite hard on the roads round here in Sussex but they are really Bl**** awful roads.
I have a GR Yaris which is on the firm side but that is fine round here
As a driver the Porsche is acceptable but you still drive down the road like a drunk avoiding the worst of the holes and the Wife still hates it
Get it on track or a decent road with normal bumps and cambers and it is a delight the body control is brilliant
I am waiting for Tractive to replace a bent spring at the moment (thats another Story though) and I did suggest the way Tractive controls the body movement it would work better with softer springs but they weren't interested in that. I still might try that myself at a later date as I think it would it a more pleasant road car and not compromise the track use too much
The 996.2 was I think always considered more track focused than the 996.1 because of the ride and I think the more modern cars like the GT4 or even Yaris soak up the bumps better but of course Track and Road is always a compromise between the two
My advice is really you need to find someone local to take you out in a car
When I got my car 10 years ago(ouch didn't realise it was that long) I never noticed the ride so I am not sure if I have just got older or the roads are just so much worse
The first GT cars really were track cars first then road cars. I'd skip the 997 if you do swap Toby and try a 991 or 992. I found the 996 very firm for road use too but those were both 996 RS.

I'd have a GT in a heart beat probably a 996 as I like small cars but only if I did at least 5-6 track days a year. Bit of a waste otherwise same with 997 GT3/GT2. For a couple of trackdays a year Minty with Tractive fine and not firm at all on road softer even than factory MO30 set up i had on a 986 Boxster S 550.

TracTive went through a phase where one of 3 suppliers were changing spec of what seemed a pretty irrelevant component causing overly firm damping. Check via 9e your TracTive dampers aren't part of that batch :thumbs:
Thanks for the replies guys - I don't mean to hijack this thread for my personal needs. I also spoke to couple of people with GT3's at Simply yesterday.

Good tip on Center Gravity. I know them super well as my 996 C2 was the initial R&D car for their new CGGT C2 products, and I've spent lots of time with Chris, Pete & Holly over the last few years as that was a big project. See my sig thread if anyone interested.

My GT3 was up there recently sorting a wayward backend that was actually tyre related in the end. I called and spoke to Holly again, and I'm thinking perhaps a new 996 GT3 project might be on the cards - they nailed it for me last time, and know exactly what I like, so probably the place to start.

I will keep the Tractive's as back up option for now, if I can't find a simpler compromised solution with passive set-up. Retrofitting all that wiring does put me off. As suggested, money could be invested elsewhere. As always it's about trade-offs. Need to give it more thinking time.

Thanks for the offer to try yours mikelb04 - I know from my 996C2 project that spring rates are a complex topic with very different opinions. I'm in SW London & regularly driving around Sussex so will definitely give you a nod if this becomes realistic option. 👍
I've committed for the Tractive's on my 997, should be fitted at the end of June
Steve Bennett at TracTive UK took Minty for a drive and was blown away by the performance (this was with a faulty EGT sensor). He drives a 7 GT3 himself and his comment was this car makes you feel invincible like superman!

He mentioned that they were making some revisions to TracTive Touring for 997 turbo for 2023 ie larger helper springs and decouplers between the helper and main springs. Sent free of charge to 9e and no charge for fitting too.

If Carlsberg did state of the art suspension and Porsche indies ....Thank you TracTive and 9e :viking:

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A very good review of TracTive by Jayemm although I'd add their true benefits really shine on newer and heavier watercooled 911s like the turbo.

TracTive do rob you of some steering feel but personally I've always felt the steering on a 997 turbo its weaker point as its a bit Playstation 1 . Not a weak point its more that its lacking in feel and you need to learn to be really positive with it over first 15% of travel as with vario rack nothing much happens on initial turn in.

TracTive robs you of even more feel and but takes a 997 from Playstation 1 to Playstation 6 in terms of body control and poise. Feels very similar to a 992 with active anti roll bars other than you get a smidge of roll on initial turn in before everything becomes very controlled and flat through a corner. TracTive suits a 997 turbo well.

Just been watching new Ruf CTR 2 documentary on YouTube. They're speccing TracTive on their 850,000 Euros flagship all carbon 911! :D


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Have had the Touring line on my 987 over the past 2 years and it’s been amazing, the wife loves it, esp when we drive over harsh road conditions or poorly maintained ones.
I have been running it on DSC on a PASM fitted car and it’s worked its magic all this time. Up until recently.
For some strange reason over the past 2 months, ride is getting harsh, the rebound seems to be non-reactive and the whole car started to be fixed in the maximum stiff mode.

5/7 days, it would be harsh, and then for some reason, it seems to work again for a bit…. Before it gets to its Jekyll & Hyde mode.
I plugged in the laptop and settings haven’t changed, it’s picking up readings from the sensors.
I swapped back to the stock PASM module, and the ride is more compliant, while not being active.
A Quick Look around the sensors didn’t reveal any issues. A change of battery didn’t help. Dampers work great on the PASM module, but it’s NOT DSC-Tractive standards as some of the owners here have experienced.

I have also not meddled with the map, or made adjustments with the laptop plugged in and engine running.

Any idea on what I should be looking out for that could be causing the dampers to be locked into the hardest setting?
It generally means one of the dampers is faulty when it goes into hard setting like this. With car off push each corner of the car. The faulty damper side will not bounce. TracTive are good but they do need servicing every 2 years 24k miles.
Thanks, will give this a shot.
Haven't figured it out yet.

Works well and balanced when I swap out to the stock PASM control unit.
It generally means one of the dampers is faulty when it goes into hard setting like this. With car off push each corner of the car. The faulty damper side will not bounce. TracTive are good but they do need servicing every 2 years 24k miles.

Dampers that need servicing every 2 years? That’s a new one for me. Not sure I’d have the time for that sort of thing!
On a previous car with custom 4 way dampers, I've had to refresh the fluids and seals after x number of track days, a certain mileage or 24 months.
best ride ever, just the downtime every year was a hassle.

It works without the refresh, just not at peak performance. in this case, could just be operating outside of certain parameters, so the system goes into default.
Dampers that need servicing every 2 years? That’s a new one for me. Not sure I’d have the time for that sort of thing!
You also lose a bit of front end feel too and they're very digital. But they way they transform a 1600kg 997 turbo into a 911 that has similar body control to a 991/992 but with more comfort and less bounce is incredible. Flat through corners too almost like an active anti roll bar but with a slight bit of role on initial turn in unlike Porsches current active anti role bars. I think my dampers have been back to TracTive twice in 6000 miles. Once user error the nitrogen leaked out of out of them accidentally during regular maintenance and second time slight misting on one of the dampers. My shop is now of the opinion they're a pain too but I genuinely love them. Makes a 997 turbo even more of a tech fest and brings the chassis right up to date. Many may not want this in a 997 though.

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