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Trackday insurance

Will G-J

Well-known member
8 Jun 2006
Arfternoon chaps and chapesses

Now i know this has been done to death (just done a forum search) but.........

I got a quote for 18k worth of cover for the 14th of oct for £155, the excess would be £1500 (half my normal excess - the pains of being 22 and living in Liverpool!)

What do you think?

I'm sure i'll get more out of the day if I get it. I won't be constantly worrying about these horror stories i've just read during my search. I.e getting tempted to claim off normal Insurance and being sent to prison for fraud, or writing the car off etc.



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TBH, Bedford has an inordinate amount of runoff and I'm not sure if many people get trackday Insurance specifically for Bedford because it's considered one of the safest circuits in the UK. But the general rule of thumb for dedicated policies is about £100 per £10k coverage. £1500 is half your normal XS?!?! WOW!!! :eek:

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yeah but what about the others on the track?

What sort of cars do you get on these days? My worst nightmare is some kid in a chaved up burberry saxo rear ending me because i'm braking a little too early and he's a bit to close!

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I've only done 2 trackdays, so don't really have the experience, some of the guys round here have, but here's my 2p's worth.

These sort of days with organisations like MSV are very well run & there's no tolerance for idiot behavior, so there is very little risk from anyone else. The chavved up Saxo won't be a problem. I was a rolling road block on my 1st trackday but you get out of the way of others & learned quickly to make yourself space on the track so you could enjoy it without feeling the need to keep pace with the quick boys or hold them up.

Unless you are an absolute nutter your 1st trackday is quite a restrained affair, compared to what you vehicle is capable of. You are spending most of the time getting used to the concept of driving on a track, getting used to a different feel of the car. It becomes a big time learning experience in which you rarely get close to the envelope. Yes there's the potential for errors, but I don't think on your 1st time they are great.

I think the problems start to come after you've done a few & you've got rid of the initial nerves & your confidence in you cars abilities rise. At this point I suspect your confidence in your own abilities rises faster than your abilities actually do. This is the danger time.

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Keeping space between drivers on any trackday is key. If you see someone coming up behind you quickly, it's because they are faster than you. Indicate right and let them pass.

If you are faster than them, then only overtake on the straights when safe and it's likely that they will be too far behind you when you are in the braking zone to worry about them rear-ending you.

I've never really seen a chavved up Saxo at any trackday... the cost of trackdays often excludes the drivers... much better return to spend the money on more neons from Halfords.

You do get some fools, however, with all the tools and not a grey cell to use them. You'll know who they are very quickly, and they often leave early... either they've crashed, they've broken their own car, or they got bored when their girlfriends started complaining about being late for their hair appointment... :wink:

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Will, i have only been on one track day in my own car and it was at bedford. At the recommendation of my cousin who has far more experience than me at bedford/ring etc i did not take out Insurance. I was VERY nervous about this but trusted my cousin. After my first run i realised he was right. As others have said, at Bedford there are huge run off areas and there is only one corner where you can run in to the barriers and you need to be really out of control to be in danger there.

so the only danger comes from other cars. It is a 4 mile circuit and at any one time there are not that many cars on track (half the fun is chewing the fat with other petrol heads and going on pax rides). There was one idiot on my day, but he was quickly identified and then you just eased back and got out of the way when you saw him in the mirrors. EVERYBODY else observed good track disciplie and kept their distance thru corners and overtook safley on the straights.

A couple of my friends have the same concerns as you , they are coming on their first trackdays on the 14th in a 9974scab and s2000, but they have talked to a few of us and now thinks Insurance is not worth it. I am not condoning Insurance fraud, but worse case scenario blank out your number plate on the day and if the worse happens, you can get towed to a public road.

All IMO.

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