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Track Day @ Brands Hatch 22nd Dec

Jamie Summers

Well-known member
29 Oct 2002
I'm taking my 3.2 out on its first track day on 22nd Dec.

If anyone is interested check out the
website. They seem to be a good outfit - I have lots of friends who've been on days with them.


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Brands is fantastic fun. I did the indy circuit earlier this year, also with Easytrack. You'll love it!! Fingers crossed for good weather...

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I am in the process of trying to find a 964 RS. I think I am tempting fate if I think I will have one by 22nd. If I do though I am definitely interested.


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Does anyone know whether it's possible to attend the track days as a spectator?

Wouldn't mind going to Brands on 22nd to watch/say hello, but the Easytrack website doesn't say whether spectators are allowed.


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I would have thought you can go as a spectator - you might even be able to get some passenger rides in other people's cars. I guess a phone call to Easytrack or the track itself will tell you. If you find out, could you let us all know. I might be interested in spectating myself?

Cheers, James

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Will call them tomorrow and post the answer.

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Having attended a day earlier this year..

There's no problem with anyone can attending/spectating at Brands. By arrangement with Easytrack, you can take or be a passenger (at a small cost) and they give you a coloured wrist band which you show the marshalls as you enter onto the track - all drivers also have these.

Tip: Get there early and you can claim your OWN garage in the pits!

Cheers all,


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.........and Easytrack have confirmed that spectators are welcome at any of their events, not just at Brands.

Jamie, looks like you may have a "fan club" at the Brands event :)


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Jamie, looks like I will be able to make it to Brands on 22nd - as a spectator though.

Anyone else planning on going? James?

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I was hoping to go but now have a packed weekend on 21/22. Shame - I have never been to a track day, even as a spectator. I hope you all have fun though.

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Well, after all that the track day (yesterday) proved to be something of a farce - my alternator decided to give up the ghost on Saturday morning (great timing !).

I was driving my girlfriend home (near Watford) and as I was in the area was planning a visit to JZ Machtech to see what at the fuss is about. While I was on the way I noticed that the alternator light on the dash was coming on below 2000 rpm. I hoped in vain that if I kept it above 2000rpm there might be some charge getting through, but right on cue about two miles from my girlfriend's house the engine started coughing and spluttering. Fortunately it just about got me to my girlfriend's house (thanks to turning off anything that I could find that was drawing current).

Needless to say the car would not re-start, and here begins another cautionary tale to all those with dead 911's. I had managed to leave my car blocking the driveway, so in order to allow girlfriend's sister's car to get out I had to roll a few feet forward down the drive (shallow concrete incline). So in I hopped and let off the handbrake and rolled down the hill, at the point I wanted to stop I hit the middle pedal which duly went straight to the floor and I went straight into the back of potential future Mother In Law's Granada, which in turn went straight into the garage door ! Today's lesson is to pump the middle pedal to build up some pressure before trying to stop with no servo assistance ! Fortunately as the impact speed was approx 0.01 mph there was no damage done (fingers crossed) - just a rather emabarrased looking me !

Anyway feeling suitably stupid I called out the AA, who confirmed as I had suspected that the battery was getting no charge whatsoever. The obligatory squirt of WD40 didn't do the trick and clearly the AA man with next to no experience off Porsche's wasn't going to be able to perform delicate alternator surgery in the field !

By this point the battery had recovered some charge and the engine fired up ok. So I decided to chance it and see if I could make it the ten miles to the now closed JZ Machtech. With girlfriend following at a safe distance I made it to within 100yds of JZ before the car died once more. So there we were pushing a dead Porsche along the road (much to the amusement of every passing car).

So now my poor little car is sitting (rather badly parked after another no brakes / not fast enough with the hand brake incident with a concrete bollard - starting to be very unfunny at this point) abandonned outside JZ in the vain hope that someone migh wave a magic spanner at it before Christmas.

I did manage to get myself along to Brands Hatch yesterday with my friend in his new Audi RS4 (a truly terrifying car - an estate car with 380bhp and 0-60 in 4.8 seconds !). As the track was wet the 4WD Audi was just about as quick as anything else on the track (bar a few Radicals as seen on Top Gear last night - they are stupidly quick !)

Phil was there as promised and we had a good chat about his 3.2 - last I saw he was off to get a ride in a rather tasty looking 993 RS !

Merry christmas to all,


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I am sorry to read it wasn't quite the day you had hoped for. Owning a 911 is never a dull experience, is it! Lets hope some at JZ Machtech can wave "the magic spanner" before Christmas and get you back on the road asap.

Having been to the track as a passenger has it fired up or dampened your experience to get there as a driver?

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Having got of the initial terror of Paddock Hill bend (steep downhill wrong camber right hander which sends your stomach through the top of your head and threatens to put you understeering straight into the tyres) in the wet, I really started to want to have a go myself - but definitely not in the wet !

I think the idea of a Porsche only day sounds appealing as some of the more kamikaze elements might be removed. That is not to say that there was anything dangerous going on, but permanently having to look in your mirrors to let maniacs in super-fast near racing cars past does but the fear up you a bit !

That said, in principal, I can't wait to get my car on the track. As it dried out and I got used to the speed and the lines (thanks largely to and old mate who took me round in his Elise), I was gagging to have a go myself.

On reflection I would recommend anyone who is thinking of doing a track day to go along and try to get a few passenger laps just so you get the feel of how the whole day works and the track etiquette etc, so that it is not such an overload when you do actually get your own precious motor on track.

The day I went to was a so called "open pit lane " which means there are cars and drivers of all abilities out on track at one time which is pretty nervewracking. Most days run in sessions so the less experienced track drivers are kept in one group and go out together which removes some of the risk of having cars doing vastly different speeds on track at the same time. This format seems much more appropriate for beginners.

I think I'm going to wait for spring and a dry track (hopefully !) before I get my car on track. I really haven't found where the limits of grip are in my car and I'm not sure I want to find out by going arse first into a tyre wall. The idea of an airfield day is appealing as it means you really can thrash it and find those limits without the worry of hitting anything solid !


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Jamie, I agree it was great fun yesterday - I'm glad I went along and met up with you. Bummer about your alternator though.

The 993 RS was a great car and it's owner a very nice guy (he took me out a couple of times) in the semi-dry he was lapping in just under a minute and when I was in the car he was braking way past the 100 metre board from 180kph+ for Paddock Hill.

The 993 guy suggested that the best place for a first track day is Bedford Autodrome - track conditions (i.e. not full of stones like most airfields) but with massive run offs and no Armco to hit. His view was that if it goes pear shaped at Brands then damage will be caused, even if its just hitting a gravel trap.

Were you still there yesterday when the Locost went off at Paddock Hill? Bent front-end and a trailer home.

Anyway, Bedford looks like a good place to go and I'm thinking about doing a day in the New Year. I actually think that it might be better for it to be a bit wet - everything will happen at slower speeds when (not if) a spin occurs, and it will cause less tyre damage.

P.S. I thought that Easytrack's organisation was first class yesterday and that the courtesy shown by all of the drivers there was excellent. You always expect there to be one or two "heroes", but no one was being stupid, which was good news given the speed differential between the vehicles there.

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God that's annoying I'd just written a long post that I managed to lose, so here's an edited version !


Good to see you yesterday - I left as the Locost was being dragged out of the gravel - thankfully it looked largely a hacksaw and welder job to fix it ! (they are pretty agricultural I can tell you !)

As for Bedford I agree entirely - I did a corporate day there last year - there really isn't anything to hit. Have a look at the website, they have a pretty impressive set up there.


The one drawback is that as it was an airfield it is as flat as a pancake, but maybe no bad thing after visions of flying into the wall at Paddock Hill !

Good news on the car front - JZ managed to get it sorted today, it was simply a dead alternator as suspected - so with my wallet a good three hundred notes lighter I'm off to retrieve it !


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