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Towing eye/lug.

Les Richards

9 Apr 2009
In the continuing saga of my non-starting 993 (it did this this time last year then behaved itself) I have to get it transported back to the mechanic for a replacement starter motor under warranty. So far, so good.

The car is nose-in in my garage and due to the incline on the drive not easily moved so will need to be winched out backwards on to a pick-up truck.

Thinking ahead, I thought I should check that the towing eye was present in the tool kit - which it was. Even better.

Take out the blanking plug at the rear and cannot get the eye to screw in. Try it in the front position - thinking it might not be the correct one for the car - and it fits a treat, screws in luvverly!

Couldn't see any part nos. on the eye but note from the 993 parts diagram I have it would appear to be 996 721 151 00 towing lug.

So, my question is: anyone else had similar problems with a towing eye on their 993 (or other 911s)?

Suggestions as to the cause and rectification, anyone?
Hadn't thought of that but worth a try.

Thanks chaps, appreciated.
Just tried again and it screws in clockwise a treat at the front but no joy either way at the rear.

Will try again tomorrow, refreshed and bright eyed!

But still open to suggestions from the Forum...

Just had another look in the cold light of day...

It appears upon further investigation that the hole in the rear bumper did not quite align properly with the thread for the towing eye, causing it to be canted to one side and thus not engaging squarely with the thread in the chassis.

A wee bit of judicious fettling with a scalpel relieved a small area - that's all it took - to allow the eye to be screwed fully home. It's a right-hand thread.

Once refitted, the blanking plug will hide the 'modification'; mine is an early example 993 so perhaps the tooling wasn't quite right.

My advice to 993 owners - well any car owner, really - would be to check that the towing eye does fit front and back 'cos if it doesn't the side of the road is not the best place to find out.

Thanks for all the replies.

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