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Top mount stuck to strut?


21 Jul 2022

Trying to change front springs, looks like top mount is stuck to the strut. Even if I remove the strut nut and 3x top mount bolts, the whole unit lowers into the arch, I would expect the spring to push the mount off.

Is theory sound or is the top mount connected to the strut in some way? What am I missing?

Thanks, Kris
I relented and removed the strut, you can see from the photo, I would expect the spring to force the top mount off. I've tried mashing it with a hammer but it's not budging


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Also I'm wondering about the state of the shock....

2005 year, 65k miles


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The ally bush inside the top mount corrodes to the shock shaft .. i've burnt off the top mount rubber in the past to get that off then cut the ally " bush " to get it off ..

To be honest .. it's a nightmare and a new shock is far easier .

Either way .. you will need a new top mount .
Thanks for confirming, glad I'm not smashing it for no reason. I tried a couple of out-the-box methods to free it but no go, not enough purchase on various angles. I just found some complete units local-ish on ebay for £350 the pair, much better condition than mine complete with the correct colour springs so I'm quite happy I'm not facing £1k on new shocks with all the mounts and things :)
That's fine ..

If you simply have to remove these .. burn through the top mount rubber bush so that it can be removed ..

You have an ally bush now , cut this with an angle grinder but not too close to the shock .. its then by hand or a micro cutting disc .

You can't really hit it upwards as it might damage the shock .. you have to gently work at cutting it away .. it takes a while .

As its the top part of the shaft then any damage won't really go into the shock .. but try to not cause any damage.
Front strut

Possibly pointing out the obvious but they are PASM shocks, replaced mine with standard Bilstein PASM shocks from Design 911. The upper strut mounts were purchased from Spyder performance. Could be worth purchasing new rubber spring seats which fit under the top strut mount as well

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