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Too lazy.....

Joe Ross

22 Jul 2004

Can anyone recommend a valet service in the Bath/Bristol area that could Zymol my 996 for me. I don't have a garage to do it in, would this cause a major problem?



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- not too far away from you.


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Thanks for that, I emailed them and got the following:

Thank you for your enquiry regarding Zymol for your Porsche 911.
We can travel to
, and the cost would be £225.00 exterior only interior £65.00 and Klay bar treatment £70.00 (if required)
Plus vat. You will receive a complimentary road valet (hovered, tyres, windows etc) worth £30.00.

Does this seem OK ? From what I've read about the work involved it does to me. What is Klay bar ?



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Told you I was lazy, have just seen the Klay bar post about 6 down....

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I have just had my car valeted today. The guy arrived at 0830am and left at 7 30pm. The work carried out included interior (wash carpets and seats and then apply liquid leather as I requested), exterior (which included wash, klay,cleanse, pre wax and then wax), wheels and exhaust tail pipes :)
at approx. half what you have been quoted.

Fantastic job and I am picky as I usually do all this myself but have not had the time recently.

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Forgot to add some pictures of the car as work was being done. At this point no wax had been applied as yet. Will post some pictures of the final result tomorrow as I was running out of light




Web link

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If done properly, which I believe Parc Ferme would, there is a lot of work involved, and what you've been quoted seems like a fair price ifor a day's skilled work in this day and age... The klay bar involves rubbing small sections of paint in turn with a piece of special clay and lube. Brings the paint up like new, but takes hrs. Only neessary with non-new paint. Does seem top money though...

I knew nothing about Zymol before I started, but with 30 mins instruction and a bit of practice learned to use everything and really enjoy prepping a car now. There are plenty of guys on this site who could advise you- feel free to quiz me or others. I know you claim to be lazy, but its a great one day's work... and for less or same money you get pots of zymol which you can use over and over... Your choice!

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Stunning finish William-like new- (nice exhausts BTW!)



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Thanks Robert, but the car looks even better after the wax went on. Will be taking some pictures in the daylight tomorrow and will post them on here.

The exhausts are great :D

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Hey Will

Fantastic looking shine you have there 8)
, does your guy come to north west lonodn?

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There also John Drake down in Lymington Dorset, He's mobile also


01590 645623 really Nice Guy and very thorough

and also Paul at Miracle detail , he's so incredibly passionate about his job its unbelievable


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As promised some pics after the wax



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Thanks for all the help.

William, do you have the contact no. for your guy ?


p.s will post before and after photos when i get it done.

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Am in the office so do not have Dave's phone number with me, however if you go to
and find the user name jac-in-a-box, you can PM him

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