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toe n' heel in a 911... HOW?

19 Dec 2006
Hi all,

Since buying my 3.0l 911 SC 1980, I've been a little puzzled about how I'm supposed to heel n' toe with the factory pedal assembly as the floor mounted throttle is a long way below the level of the brake pedal. Unless you are a contortionist, it seems physically impossible to hit both brake and throttle with the same foot :roll:

Has anyone tackled this problem? I was thinking of knocking up an ally pedal extention for the throttle to bring it up the the same level as the brake & clutch.



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It is actually better for the gas pedal to be a fair way below the brake. The reason for that is, when you're heel-toeing on track, you're likely to be braking quite hard, and therefore the depressed brake pedal will be more or less the same level as the gas. It will be a bit difficult to do when you're not braking hard.

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Hi guys,

I know what you mean about wanting to have the throttle below the brake so they will be in line under hard braking, however with my pedal assembly, even with the brake at full travel its still extremely tricky to hit the throttle as it's still miles below the brake. I take it there is no adjustment on pedal position in an 80' SC is there?

I'd been trying this on every journey in the car, but I'd been finding it increasingly frustrating and I've given up now as I'd normally end up sitting half sideways to get my heel down that far and it wasn't very safe being in an awkward position when barreling up to a corner with the brakes hard on.

Until I move up to a 996, which is a long way off yet, it looks like I'll have to find a way of altering the pedal assembly

p.s. Mick - Love the Avatar!


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I find h&t easier in a 911 than any other car, partly because the pedals are nicely positioned, and partly because the brake feel makes pedal pressure is so easy to modulate.

Perhaps your pedals aren't set up right- can you get it checked out?

Keep practicing!

It is easier under hard braking...

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I found it hard to heel and toe in a 993 at first but after a bit of practice no problems. My 996 was a trip - only lasted 15 months - the 997 is a joy to heel and toe in. I do it on every journey! Need a PSE though.....

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I have size 10 feet, and provided I am wearing trainers or something similar, it is easy for me to use the inside of the foot for brakes, and outside for throtle, however only when going quickly, when going slowly far harder, as you dont have to brake as hard, and more difficult to get the blip,

however you dont need it when poodling about anyway

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I've had a good look at the pedal assembly, but it all looks to be set up correctly, just with very awkward positioning. (This is on my old 911sc LHD)

I've been hunting the net and came across an article where the author was working in the footwell, and posted this pic. you can see he's added a slab of wood to the throttle pedal. The article was not about this particular modification, but I cant think of any other reason why someone would do that.

I cant think of any drawbacks to doing this so I think I'll give it a go, albeit hopefully I'll manage something more aesthetically pleasing than a lump of wood.


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Don't see anything wrong with putting a lump of wood on it other than the appearance. From the picture, it looks to me that by the time you press on the brake hard, the level of the gas pedal would be actually higher than the brake's?

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I think there is a pedal set that bolts onto the existing pedal with a more raised lip for the go pedal - seen it in a mag somewhere - either 911 & PW, T911 or Evo...........gotta be better than a bit of plywood?

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The bolt on pedal has an extra "lip" on the inside so you don't have to twist the foot so much, but I don't think it actually raise the pedal.

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This bolt on pedal sounds promising. I like the sound of a raised lip. this seems like a nice solution.

If it turns out that it doesn't raise the pedal enough then it would be simple to install a spacer behind it to adjust the height to suit.

by the way, I use my toe on the brake and heel on the throttle. Until reading this thread I didnt realise people did this the opposite way round, and thinking about the way the throttle is floor hinged perhaps it may be an advantage to try it that way, however I fear this might be tricky as I'm so used to doing it my usual way.


80' 911 SC


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Nick Barrett on 20 December 2006

by the way, I use my toe on the brake and heel on the throttle. Until reading this thread I didnt realise people did this the opposite way round,

I don't think many people manage to do it the other way round??? ie heel on brake and toe on throttle??

common way is either ball of foot (and big toe) on brake, and side of foot (and little toe) to blip throttle. Or what I do sometimes is forefoot to brake and heel to blip throttle.

Can't get it right everytime but it feels good when I do.

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Some people use the heel, some people use the outside of their right foot. Shoes also make a lot of difference in making it easy/hard!

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Know what you mean regarding the shoes.

I once drove my previous car back from the coast wearing a pair wetsuit bootie things with very thin soft rubber soles, and my pedal control, double de-clutching and Tn'Hing were all improved.

I've been promising myself a pair of racing or karting boots ever since.

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