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To sell or not? C4S 36k Miles


11 Aug 2011
My car is C4S 36k miles, grey, PSE,Bose, shortshift, Sport Design alloys,and a few other extras,FPSH with 5 months Porsche Warranty remaining. I had the oil changed early, and it's detailed monthly.
In Febuary, it will be due a major service and a warranty renewal at about 2k, the car at that point will have approx 41k miles on it.

Question is sell now or not, or is the warranty to short? If I keep it, and put miles on the car, I'll then be 2k down in Feb. But, the car wil be easier to sell with recent major service and warranty renewal.

I am concerned on how many miles I put on the car and depreaciation/difficulty in selling on.
At what miles do these cars dip in value?

At the moment the car is worth about 30-31k. The car in feb with 2k spent may still be worth 30-31k?

I've been scratching my head, wondering what to do? I'll own the car outright by December. So, if I put it up for sale, and it sells, good news. If not keep it to Feb, and save up for the impending big bill.

My local garage, will let me provide my own oil, and plugs, and will waive the 111 point check as it's a major, and done me a deal on the price, so it's not too bad.
36k vs 41k miles won't make any difference to the value but going into 2014 will as the car will be perceived as being a year older.

It won't be worth as much in 6 months time but the recent service and longer warranty will make it easier to sell privately.

Are you set on selling it by February?

You might be better off running it until April and getting some value out of of your £2k service & warranty spend. The extra miles put on between Feb and April wont matter and it will be a better time of year to sell.
Liking the idea of delaying the sale, I guess I'll just have to stomach the extra year deprecation. Who ever buys it won't need a major service for a long time. I've not seen many that age still under OPC warranty, hopefully this will make this appealing :)
What is the cost of a major service?
What year is the car?

If its between 04-07 (which I am guessing it is?) - you are not going to lose that much in value.

Its also what you do with it when it comes to sell - sometimes you can get a good p\x value as the dealer can play with the car you are buying.

You could sell privately, or through an indie - where they sell it for you - but my point is that you wont lose that much in depreication now - so adding the extra 2 yrs warranty etc makes it a good buy for someone.....
It's a 2006 car, and I'll put one years warranty on.
The major I think is approx £650, plus me supplying correct spec oil & plugs.
So basically, if I want to keep the car it's a further 2k, as depreciation is negligible.
I'm thinking take a punt now, if not, keep to spring.
It's the only car I've ever owned, I can't think what I could possibly replace it with next :?:
I reckon your car + around £7k could get you into a gen 2?

Maybe worth looking at that, rather than putting £2k into the car itself?
Funnily enough I have looked into this, I'd have to have a C4s again, and it's starts becoming big money. The more you spend, the more you loose? Or is it very linear in terms of depreciation? I'd have to have a car with OPC warranty.
With my car being owned outright in December, it's very very tempting.
I guess, I was trying to wrestle with an asset worth in value a third of my mortgage nearly, I start to think should I be sensible at last, and pay a chunk off, and drive a banger.
I'll try putting it up for sale, and see what happens. If it does not sell, it's decision made, and I'll start saving for the outlay.

In what year did direct injection become released?
More power, and more economy sound too good to be true.

So, detail and try and market, then make a decision.

Thanks for the pointers and advice, I've been mulling it over for weeks now.
keendean said:
In what year did direct injection become released?
More power, and more economy sound too good to be true. I've been mulling it over for weeks now.

DFI engines came out in Q3 2008. The change from Gen 1 C4S to Gen 2 C4S will cost a lot more than £7k. I think you'd have to double that figure to get closer to the mark. By that time you are also looking at 997.2 C4S vs 997.1 Turbo. And for a little bit more, a 997.1 GT3.

Decisions decisions!

~ Maxie
Is the warranty cost scaled by model ? My C2 Warranty renewal was just over £1k.

Depreciation is fact of life regardless of the age of the car. The older the car generally the less severe the depreciation, and the depreciation curve generally decreases the longer you have a car, the first year or two being the worse if you average the costs out over the years.

Have to say it, but I think you are worrying unnecessarily.

I would say the greatest loss in car ownership is 1) When you sell it back to a dealer and 2) when you buy a new one from a dealer. You are just paying someones salary with your PAJ.

Ive thought about changing mine, and when I consider what I'd need to spend to get into the next car I want vs what mine is worth (to me) it seems negligible. However, when I factor in the dealers or a difficult sale on my car, it suddenly changes the maths and looks a lot less favourable.

Not to mention - better the devil you know. If you have a good car and the one you want, then why bother with all the hassle. Also, finally you will own this car rather than the bank owning it.

eBay link

Porsche 911 ( 997 ) C4 S WIDE BODY 3.8 ( AERO KIT – GEN 2 )
2008 / 08 REG,

38k no PSE, seems cheap, how do you know if it's us DFI?

I'm not that far off, unless I'm missing something? :?
It's a GEN 1 car, so no DFI.

Could be bore scored or have IMS issues. You might be buying someone elses problems.. Stick with your own!

That is pretty annoying actually as it is clearly being sold as Gen2. At first I thought it was just saying the Aero kit was a gen2 aero kit, but it's not, the car is a Gen 1 being sold as Gen2. Naughty.

I even called up, the guy was a little vague tbh.
I'll stop fretting, I'll own it out right by December, so looking forward to that.

It's too easy to start fretting too much with these cars, depreciation, oil usage, bore scoring, imminent component failure etc

Gen II car would be a dream, but would accompany a loan.

Best option, keep to Feb. Pay for the major service and a years warranty.
I'm using it commute now, so no more than 25 miles a day, so it's not horrendous.
Then I'll have to keep it to spring, and at one point use it to fund towards my next house, just not yet.
I was tempted by the new Audi RS3, but find these days I'm taking it easier and enjoying the car, my three year old son loves it. He even said he'll help me keep it with his piggy bank savings.
You should be able to get the warranty for less than £2k.

If you are going to sell it around the renewal time then there ask yourself if this is any point paying for the break down cover from OPC which may be part of the £2k you were quoted. Also ask them for a discount on the warranty.

Rumour has it that it is easier to sell in spring than autumn and that cars sell for more in spring/summer.

Personally I don't like that one on ebay at all. It looks like it's been made up to be something it is not, and maybe the dealer did that just to sell it for a little more. Painting wheels black and bolting a bumper and spoiler on isn't that hard.
Sausage said:
You should be able to get the warranty for less than £2k.

If you are going to sell it around the renewal time then there ask yourself if this is any point paying for the break down cover from OPC which may be part of the £2k you were quoted. Also ask them for a discount on the warranty.

I'm pretty sure the OP was saying that the major service (including the 111 point check) and the warranty combined would cost him £2k.

Good call regarding not taking out the break down cover though. If it's possible to split it out.

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